Arthur VS Kuros
Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date 02/18/2018
Written by Ancient-One-And-Only
Directed by Ancient-One-And-Only
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Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins) VS Kuros (Wizards & Warriors) is a written Kombat Fiction fight by Ancient-One-And-Only. It features Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins & Kuros from Wizards & Warriors. Battle of The Knights in Shining Armor of Arthurian Legends of the 1980s.

Description Edit

One knight in shining armor saves a single princess multiple times from a Demon Lord who constantly kidnaps her throughout his whole life while the other knight in shining armor saves multiple princesses from a Mad Wizard Lord who constantly kidnaps them throughout his whole life. Now they come to the ring to see which knight in shining armor shines the brightest.

Interlude Edit

The Expert: They are the knights.

The Analysis: Wearing shining armor.

The Expert: And their armor always shines.

The Analysis: As bright as day.

The Expert: Especially so as long as they retain there grace.

The Analysis: For if they ever fall from grace means their armor just won't shine.

The Expert: Until the day said individuals regain grace ever again in the most legitimate way imaginable.

The Analysis: I'm the Analysis and he's The Expert.

The Expert: Today in this match-up, where going to determine which knight in shining armor will remain standing in this fight!

The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut and open up for Arthur's Intro

Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins) Edit

(Cues: Ghosts 'n Goblins NES Intro Theme)

The Analysis: When the moment took place for the messenger of Hades to kidnap Princess Prim Prim was the exact same moment when Arthur sprung into action in order to save his beloved sweetheart.

The Expert: And that very messenger from Hades himself just . . . he just . . . pops up and snags her away while they are dating in a graveyard . . . seriously, why a graveyard out of all places???

The Analysis: Well . . . we know not about this but we can only speculate that the creators of Ghosts 'n Goblins who made up the story where . . .

The Expert: High on drugs Analysis, they where high on sooooo many drugs, it just made the game's intro really bizarre.

The Analysis: Which gives reason to state that those people back at Capcom where well . . . high on serious drugs.

The Expert: As if it was the good old 1980s again.

The Analysis: Yep. Aside from the creators apparently getting high on drugs. When Arthur of the Kingdom of Hus finally rescued Princess Prim Prim, he found himself doing it . . . again . .. and again . . . and again . . . and again!

The Expert: Now THAT'S dedication! Considering the fact that the reason to why they kept on kidnapping her is because the demons intend to mix her blood with there's as she's the last human with royal blood . . . Seriously, where dose royal blood even come from since the beginning???

The Analysis: Very good question Expert. Apparently, royal blood comes from the farms is one way to put it, another speculation points out is that it comes from the gods. Either way, it is another discussion for another day, one that would eventually be solved.

The Expert: Which pretty much explains why the creators of the Ghosts 'n Goblins storyline really should of thought more deeper into. But more importantly, when Arthur gets brought into the fray to rescue Princess Prim Prim, he brings with him a variety of weapons. The lance which he can throw two at a time with pin-point accuracy, an stash of daggers where he can blitz his enemies with, the two shot bow, which he shoot his enemies with, the torch, where he can set his enemies on fire with, the tri-blade, the discus, the cross, the Psycho Cannon. And finally The Goddess Bracelet, the most effective weapon against demons and undead.

The Analysis: The lances that Arthur throws as his primary weapon are the same kind of lances used for jousting in the medieval era, the typical lance are specifically designed to unhorse a knight rider as well as piercing enemy armor in combat. Expect the knights in real life didn't considered the idea to just throw a lance like a dart.

The Expert: Which points out how strong Arthur is as he's able to throw them with just pin-point accuracy like in a straight line, like a professional dart thrower scoring the bulls-eye at every given moment.

The Analysis: When Arthur wears the magical bronze armor, his weapons are upgraded among with his durability. His lances will burn like fire.

*Shows a screen of Beavis & Butthead as Beavis constantly repeats "Yeah, fire, fire, fire, fire!"*

The Analysis: His daggers become magical, can shoot three arrows at once that cna seek his enemies like homing missiles, his torch becomes magical, the axe becomes hefty, his scythe becomes magical, his tri-blades become shurikens.

Immediately reverts to a screen from live action footage of South Park where Terry Parker yells out "NINJA STAR!" as he chucks it at an elderly person, causing him to slowly drop dead.

The Analysis: And his discus moves until it hits an enemy or until said enemy is beyond reach.

The Expert: A buttload of upgrades! But it should be pointed out that despite having all these weapons, Arthur can only use a single weapon at a given moment.

The Analysis: Should he manage to upgrade to the Golden Armor, he can cast a magical spell which varies depending on the very weapon he uses.

The Expert: When using the lance, Arthur can invoke lightning strikes. The fire dragon in the case of the daggers, can even reveal hidden treasure when using the bow and arrows, capable of creating a shield of three fireballs.

The Analysis: He can use his axe to create a laser blast, create twin tornadoes with his scythe, can create a large sonic boom with his tri-blades and can even use his discus to create a mirror magical shield.

The Expert: His most impressive weapon of them all is the Psycho Cannon and Goddess Bracelet, they are the only Radiant-based weaponry capable of dealing any damage to powerful beings such as Lucifer and Sardius respectfully.

The Analysis: And if all else fails, he can wear The Emperor Armor to dish out other magical effects such as the time magic as he can stop foes dead in his tracks for a limited duration period, the gorgon match which allows him to turn anything into stone for a limited duration period, the power-up magic which allows his weapons to become more powerful until he takes a hit. The Infinity Shield can help him recharge magic for every hit he takes and can't be destroyed.

The Expert: Despite all these powers, Arthur isn't without his weaknesses. If for any reason he loses his armor while in combat, he'll be down to his boxers to the point where he's unable to cast any magic.

The Analysis: Furthermore, Arthur is bound by the Knight's Code of Honor, which will mean that he expects his opponent to engage in fair fight. In other words, close quarters combat.

Shows Arthur running around in Gold Armor while charging it up, destroying a group of enemies on screen as seen in Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut and open up for Kuros's Intro

Kuros (Wizards & Warriors) Edit

(Cues: Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II)

The Analysis: Hailing from the Kingdom of Elrond, at least from the first Wizards & Warriors game, comes a barbarian-like knight in shining armor fighting demons, undead, saving princesses among with innocent maidens.

The Expert: Getting lucky with them.

The Analysis: Hahahahahaha yeah right. But anyways, he appears as a knight in shining armor in the video games, while in the front boxes he looks like.

The Expert: Fabio Lanzoni! The most manliest man ever!

The Analysis: Oh yeah, he's beast! Huge reason why all the princesses and innocent maidens just want him!

The Expert: Yep, they soo want him Analysis, they sooo want him because of his manliest.

The Analysis: And the way he looks gives reason to state that his father was just some bad ass barbarian while his mother was of royal lineage if you will. If only that where true . . .

Music pauses for a moment . . . then starts playing again.

The Expert: Well regardless, Kuros is known to venture into places where people never return from and he just comes back as if nothing ever happened to him. As if he's all that is man has to offer.

The Analysis: Considering Kuros has a history of fighting Malkil after his arch enemy kept kidnapping princesses and innocent maidens for whatever sick plan he has in mind for them!

The Expert: As Kuros saved at least a total of five innocent maidens such as Lucinda, Esmarelda, Galadriel, Grizelda, Penelope, & Candida, he also saved a total of five princesses, one unnamed in the first game, Princess Elaine in Fortress of Fear & Joanne, Julia, & Lindsey the three daughters of the Good King James in Kuros: Visions of Power.

The Analysis: So your saying he saved a innocent maiden who's named after Princess Zelda? And even . . . even Queen Galadriel???

The Expert: Gives reason to state that one of the creators of Wizards & Warriors wanted to imagine that elf queen to be saved by a human who's just as manly as heak! I even bet he imagined wanting to see Princess Zelda be saved by a manly dude instead of a dude who didn't look so manly! Romance novels of the 1980s!

As The Expert points out to Link.

The Analysis: I would be amazed if such was the case. But never the less, Kuros isn't without his weaponry. The Brightsword, a blessed weapon he uses to slay undead and demons, a dagger of throwing that always comes to his hand. The Battle Axe of Agor which he can throw two at a time as they always come back in his hands.

The Expert: Kuros even has the Ironsword, a magical weapon forged with the elemental powers that can create a series of three-way projectiles. And if that's not enough, he'll even dish out The Silver Sword, a holy weapon that can deal damage to Malkil and other evil beings valuable to such.

The Analysis: Kuros also has the Feather of Feather Fall, which allows him to slow down his decent while falling onto the ground. The Boots of Force as Kuros can use to kick open treasure chests if need to be among with knocking back enemies from a distance. The Cloak of Darkness, which not only makes Kuros invisible but also invulnerable to all of his enemies for a duration period and can even reuse it at will. The Wand of Wonder which allows Kuros to freeze his foes in place. And finally the Staff of Power, which allows Kuros to fire off a series of projectile attacks which allows him equal footing with even the most powerful wizards of the land.

The Expert: He is also capable of walking on lava with and without the Boots of Lava Walking . . . just . . . how dose he do that?

The Analysis: As the temperature of lava gets as hot as 1832 to 2282°Fahrenheit it will in no doubt heat up Kuros's armor as steel has a melting point of 2500°F. Its reasonable to state his armor has magical property which prevents him from sinking into lava, the same can also be said about the clouds in the case of Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II.

The Expert: And onto his spells, Kuros is known to cast the Asp Tongue, which causes the Inn Keeper to give Kuros free food as if he just feels like doing so! The Dragon spell turns minor enemies and even projectiles into food. The Fleet Foot spell allows Kuros to move faster and even jump further. The Silver Fleece spell makes Kuros invulnerable for a limited duration period, the Veil of Slumber spell which allows Kuros to slow his foes by 90%, and finally the Water Spout spell, which allows Kuros to jump even higher. All these spells he can cast at an instant.

The Analysis: Regardless of his appearance on the front covers or in the video games, Kuros will always be the most manliest knight in shining armor that even the most virtuous women will dig for.

Kuros telling a video gamer as seen in the Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II Commercial telling him "Farewell, the fate of the world is in your hands. BACK YOU VILE BEAST!"

The Doors of Kombat Fiction close to end Kuros's intro as they open up to start the match-up

Kombat Fiction Edit

The Analysis: Both combatants have been successfully analyzed.

The Expert: Lets see which knight in shining armor shines the brightest in this fight!

The Analysis: The moment is here for a Kombat Fiction!

(The Doors close and open up which shows the screen for the fight)

(Cues: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts: Princess got Kidnapped!)

Somewhere around the Kingdom of Hus after Princess Prim Prim gets kidnapped once again, Arthur readies himself with his equipment and jumps on horseback with the intent to rescue Princess Prim Prim once again, wearing the standard knight armor believing that the demons have kidnapped her once again, thus heads for Demon Village, thinking that Lucifer got resurrected and is plotting revenge to finish what he started as he states "Lucifer, it must be him, I must rescue my beloved Prim Prim!"

(Cues: Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of Power: Shop Theme)

Elsewhere, Kuros hears rumors about a blue-haired Princess being kidnapped and being taken to a place called Demon Village after having gossip with the local innkeeper, he then grabs his equipment and travels to the Demon Village on foot from what the rumors have lead him to, realizing that Malkil responsible, he intends to find the Princess and do battle with his arch nemesis.

"Malkil, it has to be him, I know it!" as Kuros knows deep in his heart where he must venture out to put an end to Malkil's madness.

(Cues: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts: Haunted Graveyard)

As both knights in shining armor arrive in different locations in Demon Village as the rumors point out to, Arthur readies his lance as he notices a number of demons swooping into defend their village. As Arthur yells out "Begone foul demon, for I have a princess to save!" The demon ironically replays "But we never kidnapped Prim Prim this time, some mysterious wiz." But before the demon was about to finish, Arthur yells out "ENOUGH OF YOUR LIES!" As he throws a lance at the demon, killing it before it was allowed to finish what it was going to say."

(Cues: Wizards & Warriors III: Rescued Princess)

Meanwhile, Kuros was able to sneak into the Demon Village unnoticed due to remembering his skills as a thief as he comes across a dungeon with locked up cells, he opens one of them to actually discover the blue haired princess he heard rumors about as he transforms back into his true knight form.

Princess Prim Prim suddenly runs towards Kuros mistaking him for Arthur due to the shining armor he's wearing as she mentions "Thank you so much Arthur, for saving me again . . ." as she's about to kiss him only to realize its a different person under the knight's helm then pauses for a moment and asks this unfamiliar knight "Wait a minute, your not Arthur, who are you? You seem to be another knight from a foreign realm."

It is then Kuros kneels to Princess Prim Prim out of respect as he speaks the truth "I am Kuros from the Kingdom of Elrond, I have come to rescue you after hearing rumors of a blue-haired princess that was kidnapped in a place called Demon Village. You must be that princess they speak about, I can tell all too well."

After speaking the truth, she reply's "Why yes, I am Princess Prim Prim of the Kingdom of Hus, I do thank you for saving me from this dungeon. Through I do find it unusual for someone else besides Arthur to come save me, and since I was kidnapped by a strange man in purple robes, and normally its the demons that always kidnap me."

Kuros immediately recognizes what Princess Prim Prim speaks about as she falls into a state of embarrassment that she almost kissed a knight that wasn't Arthur by complete accident. Despite this, she couldn't help but realize how utterly manly he is as Kuros comments "Malkil, I knew he was behind this! Princess Prim Prim, we need to get you to safety. I know Malkil is up to something sinister."

(Music from Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of Power: Rescued Princess abruptly stops)

Princess Prim Prim states "Malkil, so that's the one who." But before she's about to finish up, Arthur arrives and extricated that his beloved Princess Prim Prim is safe and unharmed as he says "Princess Prim Prim m'lady! I'm happy your safe! And who is this?!?" As Arthur fall into a state of shock is realizing that she was saved by another knight in shining armor, mistaking him for a con-artists as Kuros tries to tell him "I am Kuros from the Kingdom of Elrond, I rescued Princess Prim Prim after hearing rumors about 'a blue haired princess' that was ki."

But despite telling him the truth, Arthur dismisses the claim stating "You got the wrong idea you con-artist, whoever you are trying to impersonate a knight and even me you are clearly here to kidnap the Princess for yourself!" Kuros responds in a slightly more loader tone of voice "It is you who are mistaken, I came to rescue her from the vile clutches of Mal."

As Arthur interrupts, despite Kuros telling the truth, he regards everything he told as lies as he mentions "Whatever else you had in mind for her will not happen on my watch you filthily con-artist. PREPARE YOURSELF!" It is then Arthur readies his lance with the absolute intent to strike his opponent down as Kuros readies his Brightsword realizing that the only choice he has is to defend himself from this goofy looking knight.

Princess Prim Prim fears for the worst as she helplessly watches both Knights in Shining Armor engage in a fight to the death!

(Cues: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts: Haunted Graveyard)

Announcer: FIGHT!

Arthur throws two lances at pin-point accuracy right at his opponent only for Kuros to destroy the incoming projectiles with his Brightsword. He tries harder in throwing even more lances as Kuros keeps destroying most and evading a few. Arthur realizes that he must find daggers in order to blitz his opponent, both combatants find themselves outside the dungeon and near Demon Village as one of the demons watches from a distance, seeing two knights fighting each other.

"What's this? Is that Sir Arthur fighting against another knight in shining armor? How surreal is that?" As he watches for his own enjoyment. Arthur then finds the daggers from a near-by treasure chest as he attempts to throw them at his opponent with Kuros deflecting them at ever turn. He starts wondering to himself "What kind of knight relays so heavily on throwing weapons?" as Arthur keeps Kuros at a distance while Kuros in turn keeps deflecting the incoming daggers.

"Got to overpower him, he is good!" as Arthur comments, finding a treasure chest that contains the bronze armor which he transforms into, he keeps throwing countless daggers, about to blitz his opponent only for Kuros to counter it with the Dragon Tooth spell, turning all the thrown daggers into food, which Kuros manages to gather. Arthur falls into a state of shock realizing his opponent is capable of magic as he comments "What? My daggers!" realizing he must find a different weapon, Arthur finds another chest that contains the Axe, which he throws at his opponent.

Kuros in turn throws his Turquoise Axe at the incoming projectile as both of them bring about a loud clash, realizing that neither of them are able to attack each other with just throwing axes at one-another. Arthur then arms himself with the torch he finds in another treasure chest as Kuros arms himself with the Firesmite spell, both knights in shining armor throw fireballs at one-another with their respectful power-ups only to find themselves on even ground as Firesmite kept nullifying Arthur's fireballs.

Switching back to his lance while wearing his bronze armor, Arthur throws his lance with a fire-enchantment effect, throwing them at his opponent with pin-point accuracy as Kuros nullify the fire enchanted effect with Firesmite. As one fire-enchanted lance gets closer to Kuros, he was able to destroy it with his slash attack.

Arthur realizes that even his bronze armor wasn't enough as he realizes Kuros kept on keeping up with him, he then finds the Golden Armor with the Sun Shield in a treasure chests as he charges up a incoming magical blast with the lance in hand. Kuros then realizes that something intense is about to take place as he braces himself for the incoming attack.

Once fully charged, Arthur then unleashes Thunder Magic on his opponent while Kuros is able to counter it with the Silver Fleece spell at an instant. Utterly upset his opponent didn't go down, he unleashes another which Kuros still managed to withstand while under the effects of the Silver Fleece spell right as its duration period ends.

"Is he really that honorable after all?" As Arthur wonders to himself, realizing neither he nor Kuros are ever backing down at any given moment. Arthur then finds the Scythe as he intends to unleash a fury of tornados on Kuros. Realizing his opponent is about to pull off another charged magical attack, Kuros prepares for the worst that Arthur is about to offer.

(Cues: Ghosts 'n Goblins - Astroth & Nebiroth)

Tornados unleashed as they ravaged around the area with everything getting sucked into them, save for Kuros, who was able to unleash his Windbane spell, causing the tornados to come to a dead stop. Chunks of trees and what-not fall into the surrounding area as both knights where able to evade the falling rocks and what-not. Arthur gets hit resulting the loss of his Sun Shield.

"You are a very worthy opponent, but I won't forsake my duties! As Arthur tells Kuros who in turn responds "Neither will I!" As if they intend to finish where they started. Arthur then grabs another torch he found in a treasure chest as he charges up his attack. Once unleashed, he conjures a fire dragon which comes directly at Kuros, in turn, Arthur's opponent ends up destroying it with the Firesmite spell, causing the dragon to explode, which causes Arthur to lose his Golden Armor in the process. . .

"I'm not done yet!" As Arthur vows to defeat his opponent, he then finds the Emperor Armor in a chest, Kuros realizes that this fight . . . must continue. . .

Arthur while in his Emperor Armor was able to unleash time magic at the exact moment Kuros unleashes another Silver Fleece spell at an instant. Arthur attempts to throw a number of lances head-on at his opponent only for them to bounce right off . . . a moment passes as the duration period of the time spell ends with Kuros realizing his opponent is capable of manipulating time, it is then Arthur is about to attempt another Time Stop while Kuros instant-casts the Veil of Slumber spell, causing everything to slow down to a crawl.

Kuros then rushes to Arthur and slashes him with his Ironsword to the point where the Emperor Armor is destroyed, it is then Kuros falls into shock realizing that his opponent is now wearing nothing more and nothing less but boxers. While in a state of shock, Arthur then grabs his knight armor from a treasure chest and throws a lance at Kuro's knocking him down as he loses his helmet, his Ironsword as it flies into an undisclosed location, and his shield.

Realizing he's legally bound by the Knight's Code of Honor, Arthur allows Kuros to gradually get up from the resulting knockout, it is then Kuros then challenges Arthur into close quarters combat by telling him "Arthur, you are a honorable one, let us settle this in fair quarters fight!" as Arthur responds "I will fight you . . . fair and square. I accept your duel!"

At this moment, Arthur readies his sword while Kuros readies his Silver Sword as the two found themselves engaged in close quarters combat. Both knights in shining armor are dueling each other with Kuros gradually gaining the advantage. While Arthur successfully hits Kuros's armor only to realize his armor is much more sturdier then personally anticipated, Kuros in turn hits Arthur's knight armor with Silver Sword, eventually destroying it in the process as his opponent now finds himself in his boxers.

As the two are putting up the fairest fight, Arthur comments "No, not now!" at the very moment Kuros ends up decapitating his honorable opponent.

Kuros stands victorious as he won fair and square, his armor shining the brightest this day. He then returns to Princess Prim Prim, surprisingly unharmed as he takes her to safety. Even going as far as carrying her, she simply smiled and embracing him due to his manliness, realizing that this is the new champion of Hus.

Results & Verdict Edit

(Cues: Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of Power - Unknown Theme F)

Announcer: Kuros, Wins, FATALITY!

The Expert: And so the knights in shining armor fought each other in a fair and square fight, a battle worthy for the Knights of the Round Table to talk about for the centuries to come!

The Analysis: Its safe to say that this match-up really prompt a number of even grounds to the point where it is a fight. While Arthur is able to keep Kuros at a distance with his wider range of projectile weaponry, Kuros on the other hand was able to destroy said projectile weaponry with his weapons and magic.

The Expert: He was able to even nullify Arthur's elemental magic as Kuros is known for anti-elemental magic, which is something he used against Malkil while he was in his elemental forms.

The Analysis: Even if Arthur was able to stop Kuros in his tracks with time magic by freezing him in place, he didn't have the means to destroy his armor, let alone knocking his helmet and shield out of place if given the chance.

The Expert: Kuros on the other hand had the means to destroy Arthur's armor, even if Arthur was ever allowed to incapacitate Kuros, its safe to say there's not really much he could do about it. Which also brings up this interesting question, could the outcome even change if we bring Arthur's Infinity Shield and Angelic Armor into account?

The Analysis: Unlikely, despite Arthur being known for his versatility, Kuros already has dealt with magic using opponents who are known for their versatility with Malkil being his main enemy as his arch-enemy is known for a similar set of versatility compared to Arthur.

The Expert: While Arthur and Kuros have dealt with specific foes that are capable of instant-teleporting, the mysterious demon knight as seen in Ghosts 'n Goblins: Gold Knights II clocked in at 2 seconds when it came to instant-teleporting, Malkil on the other hand as seen in the first Wizards & Warriors game when it came to his instant-teleporting clocked in from 1 second to even 0.5 of a second, which allows Kuros being able to keep up with Arthur more easily then the other way around.

The Analysis: And when it came to outside their respectful armors, Arthur is at risk of getting killed much more easily as he can take at least a single hit or two against powerful weaponry before finally going down, such isn't the case with Kuros as he's able to take powerful hits without his armor as seen in Wizards & Warriors III.

The Expert: It should also be pointed out that since both of them are legally bound to the Knight's Code of Honor, its reasonable to point out that the whole fight will eventually end in close quarters combat. Which also brings up another question Analysis, if we where to also bring up the Goddess Bracelet and the Psycho Cannon, would they be proven to also affect Kuros?

The Analysis: According to research, also unlikely. As The Goddess Bracelet and the Psycho Cannon while exceptionally powerful are only meant to deal damage to demons and undead beings as it hasn't been seen dealing damage to anything else beyond that. But more importantly, while Arthur is skilled with a sword, its reasonable to state he is rarely seen using it in the Ghoul's 'n Ghosts arcade while Kuros on the other hand is much more adept in close quarters combat as evident by all the Wizards & Warriors games.

The Expert: Which points out that our Sir Arthur knight just fought fair and square against another knight . . . and lossed.

The Analysis: Our winner in today's match-up is Kuros from Wizards & Warriors!

Comparisons Edit

Arthur Edit

  • +Projectile weaponry allowed him to hold Kuros at a distance
  • +Very versatile magical options.
  • +Could cause Kuros to lose some of his equipment by knocking off said equipment.
  • -All of his armors can be destroyed.
  • -Arthur will find it more difficult to keep up with Kuros.
  • -Not so skilled in close quarters combat due to a history of heavily relaying on thrown projectile weaponry.
  • -Once down to his boxers, Arthur is prone to die.

Kuros Edit

  • +Much more skilled in close quarters combat, especially with a sword.
  • +Armor is indestructible.
  • +Capable of taking a multitude of hits even without his armor.
  • +Kuros found it more easier keeping up with Arthur, especially in close quarters combat.
  • +Has dealt with a number of magic-using versatile opponents like Arthur with Malkil being his main enemy.
  • +If Arthur used the Goddess Bracelet or Psycho Cannon on Kuros, neither can affect him.
  • -Less projectile weaponry

Even Footing Edit

  • Both characters are bounded by the Knights's Code of Honor as it eventually got to the point where Arthur & Kuros found themselves in close quarters combat with no signs of backing down.
  • When both characters where able to unleash magic upon one-another only for both knights to find themselves on a stand-still when it came to elemental magic.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 3rd written match-up by Ancient-One-And-Only.
  • This is also the 3rd written match-up where a video gaming character is being put up against another video gaming character, the 2nd one being Sagat VS Shang Tsung and the first one being Master Chief VS Bren McGuire respectfully.
    • Furthermore, this is also the first video gaming on video gaming match-up where both characters come from side-scrolling hack and slashing action genre.
  • This is the 2nd match-up where both opposing combatants are rivals as Ghosts 'n Goblins had competitive rivalry with Wizards & Warriors in the 1980s and 1990s era respectfully.
  • This is the first match-up where two characters who where being put up against one-another are actual Paladins.
    • It is also the first match-up where both Paladins are actual Knights who are bound by the Knight's Code of Honor.
  • It is also the first match-up where a real life person was mentioned, in this case being Fabio Lanzoni as he portrayed Kuros on the front box cover of Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II.
  • This is also the first match-up where it makes references from an actual film movie, in this case the 1981 film Excalibur, Princess Prim Prim falling for Kuros due to his manliness and even going as far as kissing him passionately in the epilogue is a reference to Guinevere and Lancelot falling in love together despite the fact she married Arthur, Kuros being the much more skilled swordsperson over the Ghosts 'n Goblins version of Arthur is also a reference to the Excalibur film version Lancelot being the better swordsperson compared to Excalibur's version of Arthur as well among with the Ghosts 'n Goblins version of Arthur using his magic in an attempt to gain the advantage over Kuros only for the latter to nullify the formar's magic attacks is also a reference to the Excalibur version of Arthur using the sword's magic from the eponymous film to gain the advantage over Lancelot only for the blade to shatter in turn. Last but not least, Arthur's death by the hands of his own son after being impaled relates to his Ghosts 'n Goblins counterpart to be decapitated by Kuros at the end of the match-up.
  • This is also the first match-up where both characters found themselves on even footing in two different cases over one.
  • This is the second match-up where victory is won by Fatality, with the first match-up being Master Chief from Halo VS Bren McGuire from Turrican.
  • The LaserSword that Kruos used as seen in the Epilogue is the name of the forth Wizards & Warriors game that was suppose to come out until Zippo Games ended up shutting down before the sequel was even completed. Furthur proof exist as seen in the Silversword concept art.
  • The Unknown F song playing at the match-ups results is one of the select few songs that where cut out from the final release of Wizards & Warriors III, giving reason to state that other things where cut out from the game before being released on the shelves.

Epilogue Edit

As Princess Prim Prim enjoyed being embraced by Kuros's arms, she is still sad to hear about the death of Arthur, but realizes she can't be too sad as he died an honorable death. "I have no doubt the demons will hear word about Arthur's death."

Kuros responds while keeping Princess Prim Prim warm with his arms "And I'll be ready for them among with Malkil!"

Realizing that the Kingdom of Hus is in need of Kuros, she responds "Here, take this. Its the Goddess Bracelet that Arthur used, now you must use it when all else fails."

Kuros responds in kindness "Thank you Princess Prim Prim."

Princess Prim Prim, now realizing she has given her precious gift to Kuros, kisses him passionately as she says "Stay alive Kuros, you are needed."

Meanwhile, as word of Arthur's death reaches to the Demons, they react and rejoiced as they intend to prepare to invade the Kingdom of Hus.

But now they have a new leader under them as he's able to summon even more legions from this world and other plane of existences.

"With these newfound allies, Kuros will die and I will rule the world unopposed!" He then turns to the Demon Village as they rally for Malkil as their new-found leader.

When Kuros and Princess Prim Prim found themselves surrounded by demons upon returning to the Kingdom of Hus, Kuros then dishes out a very unfamiliar weapon among with the Goddess Bracelet, one demon swoops in as Kuros blasts it away with the Goddess Bracelet and another jumps near Kuros as he dishes out a unfamiliar weapon that makes the sound of a laser . . .

That weapon Kuros unleashed in front of the demon as he sliced him in two with it . . . is called LaserSword.

As the demons retreat, they give Kuros a threatening message, stating that the Demon Realm is now under the leadership of Malkil, he realizes he must fight Malkil among with the demons in league with him . . . as he now has the means to defeat them.

Rules Edit

  1. Opposing Combatants will only know about one-another only if such individuals have specific knowledge about said individuals within their own respectful main universes. Universes that contradict the main source material is null & void.
  2. While the match-up doesn't necessarily have to end in death, the match-up between the opposing combatants themselves will last as long as it has to as they'll have intent to fight until a verdict is decided.
  3. Everything else about the combatants such as their equipment, attributes, abilities, stats, power-ups (if any), feats, resistances, immunities, and even weaknesses are to remain as is, as they will be attempted to be represented faithfully and accurately.
  4. Research sources generally determine the combatants equally from their main canon source materials unless specially mentioned otherwise... If a composite is allowed for one combatant such as non-canon sources (so as long as they don't contradict the source material) and/or otherwise then the same is allowed for the other.