Asura is the main protagonist of Capcom's Asura's Wrath.


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Information Edit

Background Edit

  • Full title: Asura the Destructor
  • Age: 12,000+ years
  • Race: Demigod
  • Mantra Affinity: Wrath
  • Has anger issues that would make the Hulk look tame
  • Is actually of good intention, despite his anger

Battle Abilities Edit

Rapid Fire Edit

  • Barrage of energy attacks
  • May involve Mantra

Lock-On Fire Edit

  • Barrage of energy attacks
  • Homes in on and follows the target
  • May involve Mantra

Burst Edit

  • Unique attack depending on the opponent

Unlimited Mode Edit

  • Increase to strength, speed and damage resistance
  • No overheating from Heavy and Special attacks
  • Temporary invincibility
  • Duration based on time limit

Transformations Edit

Vajra Edit

  • Most commonly seen form
  • Mantra activation metalizing Asura's arms
  • Increases arm strength
  • Asura is rarely seen without it

Six-Armed Vajra Edit

  • Used from Mithra's divine power
  • Adds four metallic arms to Asura's body
  • Can be activated when Asura is sufficiently angered
  • Used to defeat Wyzen in his Gongen form, Augus, Deus (with Yasha's help) and the Vlitra (single-handedly)

Mantra Edit

  • Achieved highest degree of power (at the time)
  • Achieved after being bathed in Mantra released from the Brahmastra by Mithra
  • Focuses Asura's rage
  • Increases size and armor of arms
  • Possesses the strength of a thousand arms

Mantra Reactor Edit

  • Mantra Reactor provided by Yasha from the Karma Fortress
  • Allows Asura to channel as much power as he needs into it
  • Disables his Berserker and Wrath forms (as his anger cannot destroy his body)
  • Increases powers immensely
  • Contains all Mantra Affinities

Asura the Destructor Edit

  • Gained after soaking up immense levels of Mantra
  • Planet-sized (larger than Gaea/Gaia)
  • Six-armed
  • Immense in power
  • Capable of destroying planets and stars

Feats & Stats Edit

  • Subdued Vlitra with three punches
  • Launched the 150-meter tall Wyzen into space
  • Killed the creator god Chakravartin
  • Lifted the planet-sized Gongen Wyzen's finger before punching it so hard that Wyzen exploded
  • Crushed an escape pod by hugging it
  • Headbutted Yasha so hard that the shockwave produced by it shattered stone
  • Can propel himself into space by punching the ground
  • Caught a sword swing strong enough to slice through the moon
  • Ripped the Deity Sergei to pieces
  • Was so angry that he caused a massive explosion that can be seen in outer space
  • Can project energy strong enough to destroy planets and stars
  • Punched a planet at least a hundred times bigger than his Destructor form into pieces
  • Countered a barrage of punches from Augus
  • Dodged homing lasers
  • Ran several kilometers in a couple seconds while worn out
  • Caught and dodged punches from Chakravartin's many arm
  • Endured a barrage of energy waves
  • Survived being sat on and punched into the ground by Vajra Wyzen
  • Shrugged off being punched through thick stone
  • Survived atmospheric reentry
  • Tanked blasts from Chakravartin
  • Survived being impaled by several spears and kept fighting
  • Stood up after being struck by Deus' lightning

Skills & Experience Edit

  • Trained by Augus
  • Can take down hundreds of opponents by himself
  • Defeated Augus, Deus, and Chakravartin

Faults & Weaknesses Edit

  • EXTREME anger issues
  • Lost Bersersker and Wrath Forms with the introduction of the Mantra Reactor
  • Hates seeing Mithra cry
  • Certain battles can wear his arms out to the point of losing them temporarily
  • Lost to Yasha after defeating Wyzen
  • To come back from the dead, he would have had to die in the first place