Baraka is an antagonist in the Mortal Kombat Series. He previously fought against Vega in the second episode of Fatal Fiction.

Fanon Wikia ideas so far Edit

Fatal Fiction Info Edit

Background Edit

  • Age Undetermined
  • Around 2 meters in height
  • Tarkatan
  • Loyal to Shao Kahn
  • Ironically, his name can be translated to either ''bless'' or ''peace''
  • Surprisingly, he knows Silat and Hung Gar
  • Cruel and Unpredictable
  • Sharp blades with long reach
  • So ferocious, one of his fatalities was deemed too violent for Mortal Kombat
  • Above average strength, agility and stamina, as well as keen senses

Moves and Fatalities Edit

  • Flying Shard
  • Blade Spin
  • Blade Swipe
  • Blade Charge
  • Chop Chop
  • Is far from a stranger to mid-air combat
  • Always finishes fights with a Fatality
  • Can transform into a vulture but animalaties suck so pretend otherwise

Faults Edit

  • His special attacks leave him wide open
  • Prefers going berserk with his blades to strategy
  • Ugly to an understatement
  • Has terrible track record (Lost to Johnny Cage!)

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