The NES has had many teams fighting with each other.

Such as the case with these teams.

Rash, Pimple, and Zitz: The battletoads

And Mario and Luigi: the Super Mario Brothers.

Mario & LuigiEdit

One day in the mushroom kingdom the evil King known as koopa or bowser attacked the peaceful kingdom then we reach our heroes Mario and Luigi who were working on a shower when Luigi got sucked into the drain with his slightly older brother Mario holding on On thier journey the bros will encounter mulipule upgrades like the fire flower which gives them the capability to shoot two fireballs at a time the super leaf allows Mario or Luigi to fly and they also have the maetal cap which makes the bro wearing it indestructible and the bros have hammers with them at all times and Luigi can summon dimensions by sleeping and the bros can also spin jumpand each bro was trained by gods to further thier pyrokenetics and electrokonetic skills but the bros aren't just strong they are also fast and durable the Mario brothers can out run a black hole and have servived through one that destroyed the universe so if you are evil you will have to get past these two fat Italian plumbers plays ending of luigi's mansion 2


One day three teenagers managed to go into the gameworld and turned themselves into the slimmest heroes ever the battletoads the battletoads have the power to make their attacks abnormally large rash is meant to knock out his enemies quickly pimple is meant to have heaviest attacks and zitz is somewhere in the middle although zitz has technological advancement on his weapons his teammates are left to physical attacks but don't mess with these toads Plays battletoads boss fight from shovel knight


Link opens chest revealing the arena which is Yoshi's Island
Looks like the Italian brothers get home court advantage

The FightEdit

Rash pimple and zitz are coming to defeat bowser but very early into the mission these two Italian guys appear pimple "leave or die" Mario and Luigi pull out their hammers zitz "looks like this will be a fight " fight Mario goes for the brown toad and starts attacking at him Mario does the fire hand burning pimple to death Luigi then uses the thunder hand to short circuit zitz weapons Luigi crushes zitz with his hammer rash turn into a weight Mario and Luigi use the fire flower super leaf and meatal cap and go for rash killing the last battletoad KO The winners are the super Mario brothers

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