Decedent of Erdrick/Roto is the main protagonist of the original Dragon Quest game.

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Background Edit

  • Age: 16 years old
  • Species: Human
  • Alignment: Lawful Good

Equipment Edit

As The Decedent of Erdrick/Roto is a very old school Role Playing Gaming Character, his equipment is completely straight-forward from the start, he will in no doubt bring the following equipment as mentioned below if introduced into Fatal Fiction.

  • Erdrick's Sword: Also known as The Sword of Kings in Dragon Quest III, The Decednet of Erdrick/Roto has used this sword to defeat The Dragonlord. It has a +40 in attack power and can “cleave through steel” like a knife on butter.
  • Erdrick's Armor: Has a +28 defense power, opponents attack spells deal 1/3 the normal damage and moving around while wearing it regains 2 hit points per step.
  • Silver Shield: Has a 25 defense rating rating.
  • Dragon Scales: Has a +2 defense power.

Spells Edit

As The Decedent of Erdrick/Roto gains all his spells by simply leveling up, he will bring these into Fatal Fiction as seen below.

  • Heal: Recovers 10 to 15 hit points back, costs 4 magic points
  • Hurt: Deals 2 to 10 points of damage, costs 2 magic points
  • Sleep: Causes a foe to fall alseep, costs 2 magic points
  • Radiant: Allows The Decedent of Erdrick/Roto to see farther in dark caves, costs 3 magic points
  • Stopspell: Causes an enemy's spell to be blocked, costs 2 magic points.
  • Outside: Allows The Decedent of Erdick/Roto to return to the outside world from a dungeon, cost 6 magic points.
  • Return: Allows The Decedent of Erdrick/Roto to return to Tentegal Castle, costs 8 magic points.
  • Repel: Prevents weaker monsters from attacking, costs 2 magic points.
  • Healmore: Restores 75 to 100 hit points in a single casts, costs 10 magic points
  • Hurtmore: Deals 30 to 45 points of damage, costs 5 magic points.

Feats Edit

  • Solos monsters in one vs one fights on a regular bases.
  • Killed a dragon and saved Princess Gwaelin
  • Defeated The Dragonlord on his own.

Gallery Edit

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