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Doctor Doom is a character from Marvel Comics.

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Victor Von Doom was an orphan after his mother went to hell and his dad died of frost bite. He quickly learned magic and potions and created fraud products. He also created the very first Doombot.

He eventually went to college, where he met Reed Richards. Doom didn't like Richards, and attempted to make a machine to communicate with his mother, who was in Mephisto's Realm.

His machine had various flaws, which instead blew up on Doom's face. Having a gigantic scar on his left cheek, Doom was expelled from the university.

He then ran into the mountains, where he met some gypsies, who built him a armored suit, with a mask to cover his face.

However, he put it on too early, which damaged his face even more. He became the gypsies's leader and soon ruled a country in Europe called Latveria.

He then spent the rest of his life plotting revenge against Mr. Fantastic and the Fantastic Four.

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  • More than a match for the Avengers
  • One shotted Hulk
  • One shotted a lion without his armor

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  • His armor can tank a hit from Thano's Gauntlet
  • He can survive a black hole and the wrath of Thor's hammer

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  • Second best sorcerer in Marvel behind Dr. Strange
  • Traveled back in time to learn as much magic as possible.

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  • Outwitted the Impossible Man to do his bidding
  • Programmed Ultron to serve him at one point
  • Second smartest man in Marvel, behind Reed Richards
  • Brilliant Mad scientist
  • Can upgrade his armor with magic anytime.

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  • He appeared in episode 49 of Death Battle against Darth Vader from Star Wars
  • He is Stan Lee's personal favorite villain