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Who will win the fight? Who will die? It's a battle of fictional characters.

Fatal Fiction is a cancelled show, but that doesn't mean someone can't create fanon battles for it. This also hosts Kombat Fiction for those who don't want their fights to necessarily end with death featured by the hosts The Expert & The Analysis.

Whenever you create a character page that comes from official franchises as well as including said characters in the respectful match-up page that you create, please keep in mind that they belong to their respectful owners, we encourage you to support their official works. This is especially true should the characters themselves, after you read the match-ups actually catch your personal interest.

Main Rules for making Battles, both Fatal Fiction & Kombat Fiction.

  1. The Verdicts & Results must be accurate to the best of your ability: While this is indeed meant for entertainment, this also means you must do your research on the opposing combatants you intend to put up against one-another to determine who would win, who would lose or other result (such as a draw if it actually dose come to that) but also how the whole match-up would turn out from beginning to end.
  2. The Hosts, while the original hosts from Fatal Fiction (Proto Dude, Redwolf and Gamehawk) can be used, feel free to make your own hosts should you choose to do so (examples being Myth, Soul & Mr. Stupid) only as long as their names aren't offensive.
  3. All the written match-ups are entirely 100% what-if scenarios as they are meant for entertainment among with research purposes.
  4. Whenever posting a page on this wiki, it is meant for written versus match-ups as well as the information of the character oneself, nothing else beyond that.

Kombat Fiction Rules

  1. Opposing Combatants will only know about one-another only if such individuals have specific knowledge about said individuals within their own respectful main universes. Universes that contradict the main source material is null & void.
  2. While the match-up doesn't necessarily have to end in death, the match-up between the opposing combatants themselves will last as long as it has to as they'll have intent to fight within given reason, if not a series of reasons, until a verdict is decided.
  3. Everything else about the combatants such as their equipment, attributes, abilities, stats, power-ups, feats, skills, experiences, resistances, immunities, faults, and even weaknesses are to remain as is, as they will be attempted to be represented faithfully and accurately.
  4. Research sources generally determine the combatants equally from their main canon source materials unless specially mentioned otherwise... If a composite is allowed for one combatant such as non-canon sources (so as long as they don't contradict the source material) and/or otherwise then the same is allowed for the other.

Rules for Character Pages & Versus Match-Ups

  • Example Character Page will mention further details. Refer to that page to get a better idea on how it's done.

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