Iron Man is a character from Marvel Comics. He previously starred in the seventh episode of Fatal Fiction: Iron Man VS Samus Aran.

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Background Edit

  • Real Name: Tony Stark
  • Born on Long Island, New York
  • 6' tall
  • Primarily known as one of the Founding Fathers of the Avengers
  • Has died a total of four times
  • Tech savvy
  • Origin: Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963)
  • Billionaire playboy
  • Has used countless different armours over his crime fighting career
  • Has appeared in over 7,000 issues

Natural (Suit) Abilities Edit

Bleeding Edge Armour Edit

  • Powered by the Repulsor Tech Generator
  • Grants Tony Stark the Abilitty t fly
  • Made of nano-machines that can altershape
  • Lies in the hollow Bones so it can be drawn out at any time
  • Absorbs nearby energy and converts it into electricity
  • Onboard computer operating system to help Stark by providing stategies, background information on opponents, information on the surroundings, the suit's status, and prevents lock-ons
  • Has weapons such as smart bombs, uni-beams, repulsor rays, missiles, lasers, energy blades, telepathic microscopic tasers and shields
  • Has a Repulsor Tech node implanted in his chest, which is linked to his brain and has excessive energy generation that provides him with enhanced senses and intlligence
  • After undeergoing S.H.I.E.L.D operations , he obtained PSI-Shielding
  • Can override his armour to increase his stats by 5000%
  • Expert engineer, businessman and Tactitian
  • Trained Marksman and acrobat, as well as a skilled combatant
  • Owns the poowerful Proton Cannon
  • Can fly up to 5 miles per second
  • Nanosecond Reaction time
  • Net Worth of $USD 12,400,000,000

Faults & Weaknesses Edit

  • Pride can get the best of him (Fault)
  • Suffers from alcohol (Weakness)
  • Dependant on R.T node (Weakness)
  • Absolute Zero is problematic for his suits (Weakness)
  • Weak Heart (Weakness)
  • Not nearly as strong without his armour (Weakness)
  • Overriding his armour is dangerous to his health (Weakness)


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