Joe Musashi
You fought well.
~ Joe Musashi
Joe Musashi is a character from the Shinobi series. He was going to star in the upcoming battle Ryu Hayabusa VS Joe Musashi until Proto Dude announced that the show was cancelled.

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Information Edit

Background Edit

  • Age: 26
  • Species: Human
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 172 lbs.
  • Alignment:
  • Profession: Oboro Clan Member and Japanese Government Shinobi

Equipment Edit

  • Hazy Moon: A sword belonging to the Oboro Clan and wielded by Joe during his time as a Shinobi. It can cut through steel and other solid materials. Joe can charge for a stronger attack.
  • Shurikens: Also called as a kunai, Joe tosses a shuriken to harm (original Shinobi) or paralyze (Shinobi, Nightshade) enemies. An ability called Shuriken Blast could be used to throw a shuriken in a circle around Joe, or in a quarter circle above or below Joe, depending on if he is in the air or not.

Abilities Edit

  • Double Jump: Enables Joe to attain higher altitude or to avoid attacks.
  • Shuriken Storm: An advanced skill in Oboro Taijutsu that made it's debut in Revenge of Shinobi. Executed during a double jump, Joe hurls his blades in all directions, hitting any and nearly all would be attacker.
  • Juji Uke: Used in Revenge of Shinobi, Joe holds two kunais before him to guard against attacks.
  • Hayabusa Otoshi: A skill used originally by Joe Musashi in Shinobi III. A powerful diving kick that throws an enemy off guard or kills aerial enemies.

Spells Edit

  • Jitsu of Ikazuchi: Surrounds Joe with a protective shield of lightning energy that sustains damage for four consecutive hits.
  • Jitsu of Karyu: Produces four dragon-shaped columns of flames that move across the screen and damage all enemies in their way.
  • Jitsu of Fushin: Improves Joe's jumping ability.
  • Jitsu of Mijin: Joe explodes, damaging all enemies on screen at the cost of one life. The suicide has the side-effect of restoring health and ninjutsu.
  • Illusions: Joe Musashi can project illusions that can kill or damage enemies within radius.
  • Wind Blades: Joe Musashi can conjure wind blades that can kill or damage enemies within radius.

Feats Edit

  • Can instantly destroy a wooden box with just a kick (Strength)
  • Can throw up to 8 shurikens one by one in one second (Speed)
  • Can avoid gunfire from a M1919 Machine Gun (Speed)
  • Can avoid an incoming laser (Speed)
  • Can move on top of a moving train and avoid incoming obstacles (Speed)
  • Can take hits from a M1919 Machine Gun (Durability)
  • Can take hits from a Gatling Gun connected on an attack chopper (Durability)
  • Can withstand hits from a Flamethrower (Durability)
  • Can survive a direct impact from a grenade (Durability)
  • Can withstand the laser that is larger then his head (Durability)
  • Can withstand the impact of a thrown car that is already in ruins (Durability)
  • Can withstand gun fire from a cannon (Durability)
  • Can withstand being hit by a sludge hammer (Durability)
  • Can withstand being hit by a giant morning star nearly the size of Joe Musashi (Durability)
  • Can withstand being shot by a laser (Durability)
  • Can withstand being hit by a powerful energy wave (Durability)
  • Can block explosion projectiles with just his sword and not take any damage in the process (Durability)



  • Joe Musashi is a guest character in Shinobi (2002) and Nightshade, and an unlockable in Shinobi 3DS.
  • While Jiro is his father, their bloodline is linked via an alternate universe. In Jiro's universe, Joe wasn't born in the 20th Century but will be born to him in the late 21st Century.
  • He is voiced by Casey Roberson in Shinobi (2002) and Nightshade, and by Toshiyuki Morikawa in Japanese. Instead of his own lines, he shares them with Moritsune in Shinobi, while in Nightshade he shares some additional words from Aomizuchi, plus new lines depending on the Ninjutsu he uses.
  • In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, one of his victory quotes is "For Jiro, my ancestor" confirming his familial ties with Jiro Musashi.
  • In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Joe's All-Star Theme is a shortened remix of the song "Shinobi ~An Ephemeral Tale" used as the main theme of 2002's Shinobi.

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