I knew what ominous hour this was in Nosgoth's history. For here was the event that had shaped my entire existence... I had cast my fate, refusing the sacrifice, damning the Pillars, and founding my doomed empire upon their ruins. I would raise the Sarafan priests to be my closest lieutenants, and would one day cast the strongest of them, my servant Raziel, into the abyss – dealing one last hand to play against Fate. But in the end, had it made any difference? Had I misread the signs, as Moebius told me? In my arrogance, had I missed my cast at destiny?
~ Kain
Kain is the eponymous character and main protagonist as well as even the antagonist of the Legacy of Kain franchise.

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  • Iron Sword: Kain's heirloom-quality blade he started out with back in the first Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain series.
  • Mace: This allows Kain to stun his enemies in close quarters combat.
  • Axes: These brutal duel-wielding weapons perfect for Kain to cut bloody swaths through multiple enemies.  Kain can't use magic or items while duel-wielding these axes.
  • Flame Sword: More powerful then the Iron Sword in addition to the fact it causes fire damage to his foes.
  • Soul Reaver: The most powerful weapon in Kain's weaponry arsenal, can destroy many enemies in a single hit at the cost of his mana. Prior to the events of Legacy of Kain: Defiance, it is infused with Raziel in order for Kain to eventually defeat The Elder God.
  • Iron Armor: Kain's standard armor back in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.
  • Bone Armor: When Kain is wearing this armor, weaker undead enemies will ignore him instantly the moment they are within radius.
  • Chaos Armor: When Kain is wearing this armor, any enemy that attacks him will take the same amount of damage he takes.
  • Flesh Armor: When Kain is wearing this armor, it causes victims near-by to be instantly sucked from their blood, replenishing Kain's health.
  • Wraith Armor: When Kain is wearing this armor, it causes him to take 50% the normal amount of damage at the cost of his mana.

Spells Edit

  • Sanctuary: When Kain casts this spell, it returns him to his crypt, he will use this when he's low on health.
  • Light: Causes the place within radius centered upon Kain to become light in dark places for a short duration period.
  • Energy Bolt: Kain can cast this spell to kill enemies and flip switches.
  • Repel: When Kain casts this spell, it makes him invulnerable for a short duration period.
  • Inspire Hate: Within radius, Kain can cause his foes to attack each other.
  • Stun: Kain can cast this spell to stun a single enemy in a single hit.
  • Incapacitate: When Kain casts this spell, it causes his foe to stop temporarily.
  • Mind Control: When Kain casts this spell, it allows him to control the actions of an affected human being provided if they can't resist. Regardless, Kain remains in control of the affected human until that individual dies.
  • Blood Gout: When Kain casts this spell on an individual, it allows him to suck the blood of his target without even touching the said target.
  • Blood Shower: This spell functions as the Blood Gout spell, expect it affects every enemy within radius.
  • Spirit Death: When Kain casts this spell, he shoots a projectile that allows him to separate his target's body from their soul thus leaving them dead.
  • Lightning: When Kain casts this spell, he is able to strike lightning at his opponents within radius. Kain can only use this spell when he's outside the open world.
  • Spirit Wrack: This spell functions as the Mind Control spell. In addition, it also allows Kain to gain control of his target's spirit.

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