Link is main character of the Legend of Zelda series. He previously fought against Crono in the fifth episode of Fatal Fiction: Crono VS Link.

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Fatal Fiction Info Edit

Background Edit

  • Usually depicted in his teenage years
  • Hylian
  • Hero of Time (Sound familiar???) (For this battle is also known as the Chosen Hero and the Hero of Twilight)
  • Wielder of the Master Sword
  • Intelligent enough to consistently solve different puzzles
  • Left-Handed (Most of the Time)
  • Has been known to travel Through time
  • Uses a large amount of equipment
  • Silent protagonist
  • Incarnation Being used: Semi-Composite (Mostly Based on Super Smash Bros. Brawl)

Weapons Edit

  • Master Sword
    • Effective against evil and Indestructible
    • Can perform the Skyward Strike
    • Weapon used for the Triforce Slash
  • Fairy Bow
    • Can use regular, fire, ice & light arrows
  • Boomerang
    • Always returns and is surprisingly powerful
  • Hookshot
    • Can stun enemies and can be used to grab items
  • Bombs
  • Pegasus Boots
    • Allows him to dash through short distances
  • Hylian Shield
    • Indestructible


  • Associated with the Triforce of Courage
  • Known for defeating the likes of Ganon/Ganondorf/Demise
  • Has experience with all sorts of enemies
  • Very skilled with his equipment
  • Stats:
    • Agile Enough to jump around and spin through the air, with very quick reflexes as shown through Z-Targeting
    • Insane lifting strength, even without his gauntlets
    • Can withstand attacks from Ganon, even better defenses using his shield


  • The Master Sword is meant to kill evil enemies
  • Slowed down by heavy equipment
  • Bottled Faeries are outside help
  • Can only hold a few healing items.

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