School's in y' bushwackin Dweeb Monkeys! T'day's Lesson...Payback's a bitch!
~ Lobo
Lobo, also known as "The Main Man" is an anti-hero from DC Comics

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  • Created a Plague that Murdered off his entire species of Immortals in the span of one week as a kid
  • Was Sent to Hell, and Wrecked their shit to the point of being sent up to Heaven just so they couldn't deal with him
  • When Sent to Heaven, He was granted Immortality so they wouldn't have to deal with him
  • Killed Santa Clause and The Easter Bunny
  • Has taken down the likes of Superman and Etrigan in fights
  • When His Pet Space Dolphins were hurt by L.E.G.I.O.N, Lobo took the entire team down with little effort, to the point of Vril Dox bribing him to join so he'd stop hurting the team
  • Protects his Fourth Grade Teacher Miss Tribb, whom he hates for the sake of the contract, before killing her once his mission is completed, earning him the title of Last Czarnian
  • Became a Red Lantern after fighting Sinestro, Green Lantern and Carol Ferris on equal footing
  • Ate an Entire City by balling it into his fists
  • Took on a Pantheon of Deities and kicked their asses
  • Has destroyed planets with his fists
  • Outsmarted Darkseid

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