Master Chief VS Bren McGuire
Season unknown, Episode 1
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Air date 08/17/2017
Written by Ancient One
Directed by Ancient One
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N/A Sagat VS Shang Tsung
Master Chief VS Bren McGuire is a written Kombat Fiction fight by Ancient One. It features Master Chief from Halo & Bren McGuire from Turrican. Battle of the Lucky Lone Wolf Navel Space Commandos from the Far Distant Future.


One is a Spartan Commando from the United Nations Space Command while the other is a Turrican Commando from the United Planets Freedom Forces. They never had any rivalry but this match-up is unique, they come into the ring to see whose luck gets rubbed out.


The Analysis: They are lucky.

The Expert: They are lone wolves.

The Analysis: They are navel.

The Expert: And they are the commandos.

The Analysis: From the far distant future!

The Expert: Because whenever some otherworldly alien threat comes straight to planet Earth and otherwise.

The Analysis: They turn to these super soldiers who wear futuristic suits specifically tasked for planetary reclamation with the intent to take them down. I'm The Analysis.

The Expert: And I'm The Expert!

The Analysis: On this episode of Kombat Fiction, we are going to put Master Chief from Halo up against Bren McGuire from Turrican to see who how this whole fight would turn out from beginning to end.

The Expert: Regardless who wins and who loses, this match-up is gonna be a blast!

(The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut and open up for Master Chief's Intro)

Master Chief

(Cues: Halo - Brothers in Arms)

The Analysis: Master Chief, also known as John 117, who was born on March 7, 2511 he once lived in Elysium City with loving parents on the colony world of Eridanus II.

The Expert: He was suppose to enjoy one peaceful life until the very day he was kidnapped by the United Nations Space Command.

The Analysis: Among with other children who where brought into Reach FLEETCOM Military Complex, where it became John 117's new home for several years afterwords.

The Expert: Dang that's one horrible daycare. Why would they do this?

The Analysis: To train all of them into Spartans, and eventually get them augmented by means of the SPARTAN-II program, which utterly improves their strength, speed, intelligence, vision, reflexes and even makes there bones nearly indestructible.

The Expert: Your telling me they took the advice from King Leonidas to train children into Spartans and not allowing them to grow up as people first??? Somebodymustbeinthewrongstateofmind!!!

The Analysis: Actually they didn't even asked him for that, as the story of Halo takes place within the 26th century. Although your right, they where in the wrong state of mind not allowing kids to grow up as people first.

The Expert: Despite this, John 117 while he was only 14 years old demonstrated his attributes by beating the living crap out of various marines and ODSTs, to simply put, he's not to be taken lightly!

The Analysis: Eventually, John 117 eventually did get promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer which is basically an Enlisted 9 in the US Military Pay Grade system. He also fought against various threats.

The Expert: The Insurection, The alien Covenant, the Flood and most recently the Prometheans, which are constructs to the Forerunners.

The Analysis: As a SPARTAN-II, he wears the Mark VI Mjolnir Armour, this planetary reclamation suit marvels links to John 117's brain, which allows his actions to be controlled by thought before movement. At the same moment, this suit also further enhances Master Chief's already enhanced attributes.

The Expert: The Mark VI Mjolnir Armour weighs half a ton! Despite this, John-117 can jump around with it like your typical astronaut on the moon.

The Analysis: The helmet of the suit alone also displays a head's up display which includes an eighty foot radius motion tracker. The suit is also capable of projecting a shield which can recharge itself, at least so as long as Master Chief doesn't constantly get hit.

The Expert: And whenever Master Chief wants to bring up his arsenal, he will bring up the M60 Magnum, the M7 Submachine Gun, the M9 Flag Grenades, and the M363 Remote Projectile Detonator. He can even duel-wield his sidearms like a badass.

Shows Master Chief shooting a Elite with a M363 Remote Projectile Detonator and blowing him sky high.

The Expert: He got owned!

The Analysis: Among with sidearms, Master Chief will also carry assault rifle-based weapons such as the MA5C Assault Rifle BR55HB SR Battle Rifle, the M90 Shotgun, and the M395 Designated Marksman Rifle.

The Expert: And if that's not even enough, he will bring about his heavy artillery, were talking weapons like M41 Rocket Launcher, the SRS990-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, the saw-cutting M739 Light Machine Gun, the M6 Spartan Laser, and the Multiple Launch Rocket System-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher.

The Analysis: Master Chief can also use bubble shields should he ever need to, which will protect him from all forms of projectiles for as long as it will. Despite this, it should be pointed out that people and otherwise can walk right through them, seems like their is reason to believe they are still in the beta phase. He can even drive vehicles such as the Warthog and the Scorpion Tank, he can even pilot a mech if need to be.

The Expert: It should also be pointed out that during the Human/Covenant War, the elites have allied themselves with the United Nations Space Command as they did traded weaponry, this allowed Master Chief to get access to plasma pistols, plasma rifles, the Type-51 carbines, the sticky grenades and even the lethal energy sword.

The Analysis: We can state that Master Chief has managed to pull off feats that are otherwise impossible for others to even attempt to perform. He's an expert in combat strategy, can run for 50 miles an hour, has defeated three entirely different armies multiple times, destroyed an entire covenant armada all by himself, and prevented galactic genocide on two occasions!

The Expert: He even fell into orbit, holding onto nothing but a large piece of metal and lands without a scratch. Still kicking alien ass all the way! Just because he can.

The Analysis: Despite doing so also pointed out to one shocking flaw, if the Mark VI Mjolnir Armour is ever allowed to get hit with just enough force, this poses a chance to cause Master Chief's Armour to lock up, which could effectively incapacitate him outright.

The Expert: Never the less, he's still a badass, kicking alien ass all the way!

Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood: Master Chief, you mind telling me what you're doing on that ship?

Master Chief/John-117: Sir, finishing this fight.

(The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut, ending Master Chief's intro and open up for Bren McGuire's intro)

Bren McGuire

(Cues: Turrican 2 - The Final Fight)

The Analysis: In the year 3025, the galaxy Cobra 2 has enjoyed decades of peace and freedom under the watchful eye of the United Planets Freedom Forces.

The Expert: Yep, pretty similar to the United Nations Space Command, expect they fight for freedom and peace, YES freedom and peace!

The Analysis: The Avalon 1 of the United Planets Freedom Forces was drifting through the outer reaches of the known universe when the crew of the Avalon 1 lead by Colonel Ardon C. Striker attempted to through the barrier of the galaxy as they prepare themselves for the final passage.

The Analysis: The Avalon 1 of the United Planets Freedom Forces was drifting through the outer reaches of the known universe when the crew of the Avalon 1 lead by Colonel Ardon C. Striker attempted to through the barrier of the galaxy as they prepare themselves for the final passage.

The Expert: And when they prepared themselves for the final passage they had in mind, a huge battle cruiser materializes near The Avalon 1 causing the crew arm themselves and turned on the automated defense systems.

The Analysis: Only to realize that the enemy battle cruiser with a simple flash of light neutralized all the defense system on the Avalon 1. Mutants began to poor in as the boom noise of the explosion destroyed the airlock of the ship disintegrates as the crew fights with all there might killing dozens of the invaders but the moment they pressed on forward was the moment they found themselves embarked in hand to hand combat.

The Expert: And that was the moment when Bren McGuire cried while killing a mutant with the last rounds of his blaster as he was diving to the ground when a chunk of structure falls from above... that dude thought it was all over that day.

The Analysis: As soon as all the tripulants are wiped out within The Avalon 1, silence comes to being as an evil emperor known as The Machine, a half man half robot enters the airlock and orders his mutant troops back to the battle cruiser. The Machine then surveys the carnage for survivors.

The Expert: And realizing that everyone's dead he states "Excellent, the crew of Avalon 1 are no more" but not realizing it, Bren McGuire was just lucky to live as soon as The Machine and his mutants leave, he rushes to the equipment room, now realizing he's the last one left in hopes to combat The Machine and his evil invaders, he checks the equipment room and from there he noticed the Turrican Assault Suit, the most advanced suit known to man as he puts one on and utters his war cry... REVENGE!

The Analysis: And revenge he swore on that day, to the very point where Bren McGuire has fought against the armies of The Machine numerous times, each time he always succeeds.

The Expert: Where talking about the fact he fought against a Giant Floating Gauntlet, was taken prisoner by the hordes of The Machine and escaped on his own, heak his Turrican Assault Suit is even capable of flying around near the surface of the Sun and he never got roasted from the inside!

The Analysis: The temperature of the upper surface of the sun is known is known to be approximately 5,400 degrees Celsius (9,800 degrees Fahrenhei), flying around near it would normally bake a person from inside a suit of armor, Bren McGuire managed to last over 3 minutes while destroying The Face of The Machine and can still function normally.

The Expert: Which pretty much explains why the Turrican Assault Suit is the most advanced suit known to man as they described, I bet even microwaves can't do crap to that suit!

The Analysis: Furthermore, The Turrican Assault Suit allows Bren McGuire to be submerged underwater and even drift in outer space and can still survive for long duration periods.

The Expert: Would love to wear this badboy any day of the week!

The Analysis: In addition to the suit, it also includes an arsenal of weaponry.

The Expert: Such as the Spread Rifle, which fires shots like a long-ranged shotgun, the Laser Rifle which can pierce a line of opponents, the Flame Thrower which sets people on fire, the Rebound Laser which rebound off walkways and walls, the homing missiles which home into his targets, and the Super Bombs, which can kill most foes near-by Bren McGuire.

The Analysis: The Turrican Assault Suit also includes the Cyber Fist which allows Bren McGuire to attach to walls and swing onto leagues as well as the Energy Wheel, which grants him complete invincibility for an unlimited duration period as seen in Turrican II: The Final Fight. In addition, he can lay down as many mines as much as he wants while in that form.

The Expert: Now where did I see that before?

The Expert looks back at Samus Aran's Ball Mode in Metroid and compares it with Bren McGuire's Energy Wheel.

The Expert: Dang Factor 5 ripped off Metroid that day.

The Analysis: Yes indeed Expert, yes indeed... Moving on, the Turrican Assault Suit can also use a shield mode of it's own that renders Bren McGuire invincible to all attacks for a short duration period in addition to the mid-ranged Nitrogen Freeze Laser.

The Expert: Which is capable of freezing his opponents in place to the point where he can just blow the living crap out of them, just because he can!

Bren McGuire: Revenge!

(The Doors of Kombat Fiction close to end Bren McGuire's intro as they open up to start the match-up)

Kombat Fiction

The Analysis: Both combatants have been successfully analyzed.

The Expert: Brace yourselves people, this match-up is gonna blow your minds!

(The Doors close and open up which shows the screen for the fight)

(Cues: Super Turrican 2 - Desert Storm)

Master Chief pilots his Pelican on his next mission, suddenly he gets sucked into a vortex, a time warp of some sort...

Not realizing he traveled 500 years in to the future, Master Chief finds a Dune World, where he notices a distress call.

On a Devastated Dune World where a distress call is made, Master Chief notices the distress call and pilots the Pelican to investigate, he then uses an intercom in an attempt to contact whoever send out the distress call.

"This is Spartan-117, can anyone hear me? Over." As Master Chief attempts to determine who's calling from the distress call.

"Were... under attack... by the hordes... of the ....." As the voice radios over the intercom among with noises of gunfire and explosions taking place.

"Can you respond?" Master Chief asks, as he has no exact clue what's going on, but assumes that the remains of the Covenant are attempting to commit genocide on the remaining inhabitants on the Dune World.

"We need help... shit!" Communications suddenly get cut off as Master Chief attempts to contact UNSC support, setting up a beacon signal, before he was about to call for help, he notices another ship not from the UNSC flying by and having issues as if it was badly damaged as he heads over there to inspect the wreckage.

"Something tells me I'm not gonna like this." Master Chief comments about the ship, then arms himself with his M60 Magnum as well as his MA5C Assault Rifle thinking the ship belongs to the Insurrectionist, he then noticed the door of the ship being busted open as Bren McGuire comes out the door and notices Master Chief at the ready with his weapons pointed at him.

"Revenge!" He looks at Master Chief as if he thinks he's part of the horde of The Machine while Master Chief looks at Bren McGuire, thinking of him as an insurrectionist with a unusual advanced suit of armor he has ever seen.

"Have the insurrectionist got that advanced?" Master Chief questions himself while still pointing his sidearms at Bren McGuire, thinking that he's not even an ally, he knew his only choice is to fight.

Announcer: FIGHT!

(Cues: Super Turrican 2 - Wormland)

Master Chief then fires off a couple rounds of the M60 Magnum only to realize the bullets bounced off Bren McGuire's Turrican Assault Suit, then then empties the clip only to realize it had no effect. He then fires off the MA5C Assault Rifle at Bren McGuire also realizing the bullets where simply bouncing off his suit.

"What sort of suit is that?"

Master Chief questioning himself as he keeps firing his sidearms at Bren McGuire, who in turn fires shots from his spread gun as his shield blocks the incoming shots, eventually wearing it down to the point where it needs to be recharged.

"Where just getting started!" As Master Chief avoids some of the incoming shots from the spread gun, waiting for his shields to charge up, he then grabs two M7 Submachine Guns and duel wields them with the intent to tear apart the Turrican Assault Suit, only to realize they aren't scratching the suit despite emptying the clips. He then discards his guns and rushes at Bren McGuire into a fist fight.

Bren McGuire braced himself, he and Master Chief found themselves exchanging blows, while Master Chief had the upper hand in close quarters combat, he still couldn't deal with the fact that the Turrican Assault Suit was somehow far more advanced. Bren McGuire then gets one lucky shot and punches Master Chief right on his visor, leaving a large crack.

"Trust me, you really don't want to piss me off." As Master Chief tells him, then finds and whips out the M90 Shotgun, where he starts attempting to shoot Bren McGuire with it at close range. Bren McGuire still counters with the spread shot, bringing down his shield with every hit. Master Chief then uses active cameo to avoid Bren McGuire's sights in order to buy himself the moment to strike with stealth.

Bren McGuire wonders where where his opponent ran off to, only for a bullet from a SRS990-S2 AM Sniper Rifle to nail his head from a distance, causing him to somewhat stagger. He then uses his Energy Wheel to move out as Master Chief empty's his clip, realizing that Bren McGuire is still alive.

(Cues: Super Turrican II - Even Wilder)

"Resistant, aren't you?"

Master Chief then gets lucky, he finds a M41 Rocket Launcher with full ammunition as he attempts to get a lock-on on Bren McGuire.

"Try this on for size!"

He then fires a couple rockets as they are locked on to Bren McGuire, he in turn counters Master Chief's rockets with homing missiles, both missiles and rockets collide, as they cause a series of explosions.

Master Chief then gets lucky again, finding a Multiple Launch Rocket System-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher as well as the M739 Light Machine Gun with full ammunition. He then locks on to Bren McGuire with the Hydra then fires with a swarm of missiles...


A direct hit, a cloud of smoke from the resulting explosion, Master Chief gets closer, only to realize that Bren McGuire used his shield to withstand the resulting Hydra Swarm, he then dishes out his Light Machine Gun with the intent to empty out the clip, shooting him with it.

Bren McGuire takes a few more hits from the SAW, still standing despite taking bits of damage here and there. He then fires back with the rebound shot, gradually overwhelming Master Chief's shield.

"Lucky me."

Master Chief gets lucky as he finds a good hiding area to recharge his shields, he also finds a M363 Remote Projectile Detonator in addition to the M6 Spartan Laser among with a fully operational Scorpion Tank, he then jumps in as Bren McGuire suddenly hears a roaring tank engine. Master Chief sees Bren McGuire at his sights and fires...


Despite this, Bren McGuire was able to jump out of the way as he closes in, firing his rebound shots at the Scorpion tank, dealing damage to it.


(Cues: Super Turrican II: Boss-A-Nova)

Another shot fired, Bren McGuire got lucky as he narrowly avoided the resulting explosion from another shot from Master Chief's Scorpion Tank, he then decides to blow it up by using none other but a Smart Bomb.


The Smart Bomb goes off, forcing Master Chief to withdraw just before the Scorpion tank blows up. He then uses his M363 Remote Projectile Detonator right at Bren McGuire's location, firing a couple shots...

Boom, boom... boom!

Bren McGuire gets lucky again, avoiding the resulting explosions. Master Chief then switches to his M6 Spartan Laser with the intent to fry a hole in Bren McGuire's Turrican Assault Suit. With something intense about to happen, Bren McGuire switches to his laser as they aim for each other...

Both characters hit each other directly, Master Chief's shields become utterly overpowered by the constant more advanced laser weapon while Bren McGuire only took some damage. Master Chief then sees a HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System and gets into the mech.

The mech suddenly starts moving as Bren McGuire is prepared to destroy it, he fires his laser weapon as the mech is also projecting a shield, Master Chief while piloting the mech uses the gating gun to score hits on Bren McGuire, he gets lucky again by avoiding the said hits, still gradually overpowering the mech's shield to the point where its disabled, he still keeps firing.

Master Chief while still in the mech charges up a missile projectile blast, fires five missiles at once...


Master Chief then checks for Bren McGuire only to not see him within his sights...

"Is he gone?"

Suddenly, Bren McGuire unleashes two smart bombs on the Mantis...


The Mantis is set on fire to the point where it's about to explode, Master Chief then abandons the Mantis, exploding in pieces as pieces fly within radius...

"This ends here!"

Master Chief, getting pissed as his opponent still stands, he then unleashes overshields, his opponent still fires his laser while the overshields are protecting him.

"Frag out!" As Master Chief throws a few grenades, charges up another round of the Spartan Laser, Bren McGuire turns on his shields to counter it.

The overshields run out with only his shield remaining, Master Chief then unleashes up one more overshield only for Bren McGuire to unleash a nitrogen freeze ray, the ray then starts freezing Master Chief's armor, causing him to remain stiff as Bren McGuire overpowers the overshield with his laser.

As Master Chief struggles to move while frozen, Bren McGuire freezes him again, he then uses his Energy Wheel mode one more time to set off a series of explosives, and freezing him again to ensure he remains in one place...


The resulting explosions cause enough impact to shatter Master Chief's armor in pieces while still frozen in place, all that remains of Spartan-117 is a bloody and ruined helmet...

Bren McGuire then sprints, knowing that the fight between him and Master Chief attracted the attention of the Hoards of The Machine.

Results & Verdict

(Cues: Super Turrican 2 - Farewell)

Announcer: Bren McGuire, Wins, FATALITY!

The Expert: Wow... now that's what I call a real battle!

The Analysis: This match-up is a really close one to call. While Master Chief had the combat experience and the larger arsenal, Bren McGuire's Turrican Assault Suit can take a lot more of the punishment due to being far more advanced as it was made within the 31st century.

The Expert: The Mark VI Mjolnir Armour on the other hand was made in the 26th century, while really advanced in its own right, just not as advanced as the Turrican Assault Suit due to a 500 year gap!

The Analysis: And while Master Chief could pilot tanks and mechs, such as the M808 Main Battle Tank and the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System in an attempt to gain the upper hand, Bren McGuire has fought against similar mechanized foes, which only meant to prolong Master Chief's ultimate demise. Even if Master Chief had the Plasma Pistols with the intent to disable the Turrican Assault Suit, Bren McGuire would have a far likely chance to avoid the incoming blasts then the other way around. Even if Master Chief did managed to disable it, he wouldn't be able to find a way around the suit's durability, even more-so if it was disabled while in Wheel Mode.

The Expert: Furthermore, while Master Chief used a piece of metal in order to enter back onto Earth's Orbit, the resulted landing caused his armor to lock, resulting him to be incapacitate upon landing.

The Analysis: The Turrican Assault Suit as seen in Super Turrican 2 on the other hand allows the character to fly right near the surface of the Sun without getting roasted from the inside.

The Expert: Then when it came to being lucky for both combatants, they found themselves surprisingly on even footing when it came to just luck. As while Master Chief can find more weapons then the typical person can find money on the street, Bren McGuire can find more power-ups for the exact same reason!

The Analysis: Despite all this, it ultimately came down to the fact that Master Chief, even with full shields on wouldn't be able to protect himself from becoming frozen solid by Bren McGuire's freeze ray, Spartans back in Halo Wars can be frozen solid with just a Cryo Bomb if ever caught within radius, and that includes even with full shields on, allowing Bren McGuire to freeze UNSC's Spartan Hero to the point where he decided to blow him up right afterwords.

The Expert: Looks like Master Chief's luck at the end... just got rubbed out!

The Analysis: Our winner in today's match-up is Bren McGuire!


Master Chief

  • +Better combat experience
  • +Better at hand to hand fighting
  • +Wider range of weaponry
  • +Constant recharging shields allowed him to stay standing
  • +Can duel-wield two different side-arms.
  • +Being able to pilot tanks and mechs have unlimited ammunition.
  • -Mjolnir Mark VI Suit is inferior technological-wise compared to the Turrican Assault Suit durability & destructive capability due to being 26th century technology.
  • -Most of Master Chief's weaponry proved little to stop Bren McGuire
  • -Hand to Hand blows did very little to deal any significant damage to the Turrican Assault Suit (and can't even hope to bypass Wheel Mode).
  • -Has no actual way to defend himself from Bren McGuire's Nitrogen Freeze Laser!
  • -Can't even hope to bypass the Turrican Assault Suit's Wheel Mode due to being indestructible!
  • -Can only carry two weapons at a time.
  • -All the missile-projectile weapons he wields have a set limit on ammunition.

Bren McGuire

  • +Turrican Assault Suit is much more advanced compared to Mjolnir Mark VI due to being 31st century technology.
  • +Bren McGuire's laser weaponry is able to overpower even Master Chief's Overshields.
  • +Bren McGuire's shield ability rendered him immune to all of Master Chief's attacks for a few seconds.
  • +The Wheel Mode of the Turrican Assault Suit allowed Bren McGuire to not only be immune to all of Master Chief's attacks due to being indestructible by conventional means (which even includes the HAVOK Tactical Nuke which wasn't used for obvious reasons) but it also allowed him evade a number of incoming attacks as well!
  • +Bren McGuire was able to freeze Master Chief in place with the Nitrogen Freeze Laser as UNSC Spartans are prone to being cryo-frozen on the spot even with full shields on as seen in Halo Wars!
  • +Despite lacking in the versatile department, Bren McGuire's weapons have unlimited ammunition as they can go on for as long as he wishes.
  • +Has dealt with similar foes capable of operating tanks and mechs.
  • -Inferior combat experience compared to Master Chief.
  • -Inferior hand to hand combat experience.
  • -Lesser selection of weaponry.

Even Footing

  • Master Chief & Bren McGuire are proven to be on equal footing when it comes to Luck, as Master Chief can find more weapons then an average person can find money on the street, Bren McGuire in the Turrican games can find more power-ups for the exact same reason why Master Chief finds weapons on the ground in addition to the fact he was the last survivor of The Avalon 1 Massacre.


  • This is The Ancient One's first written match-up.
  • This is the first match-up where it ends in fatality.
  • This is also the first Video Game On Video Game match-up written by Ancient One.
    • Considering the fact this is the first Video Game On Video Game match-up is also the first one where one video gaming character (Master Chief) comes from a first person shooter while the other video gaming character (Bren McGuire) comes from a side-scrolling run and gun video game.
    • It is also the first video gaming on video gaming match-up where both characters come from Sci-Fi Genres.
    • Furthermore, it is also the first video gaming on video gaming match-up where both characters come from the military.
  • This is also the first match-up where both combatants, despite having a lot in common with one-another for different reasons, they never had a competitive rivalry as the match-up alone is considered one of the unique ones.
  • It is also the first match-up where a character who has a piece of equipment named Mjolnir ends up losing the match by fatality.
  • This is also the first match-up where a hero character is being put up against another hero character hence meaning duel of the heroes.
  • While Master Chief talked throughout much of the match-up, Bren McGuire only said "Revenge!"
  • This match-up is the start of what is to be called "Project Haloican" hence the reason for when you combine the words Halo with Turrican end up the result of Haloican.
  • The connections between Master Chief and Bren McGuire is that both are lucky lone wolf navel commandos from the far distant future who fought against alien hoards on land and in outer space. They where captured and imprisoned by the respectful antagonists (Cortana imprisoned Master Chief while The Machine imprisoned Bren McGuire) in one of the missions they where in as they have intent to bring them down. They protect planet Earth from alien threats (Master Chief fights the Covenant Empire among other threats such as the Prometheans while Bren McGuire fights The Machine among other threats such as Space Pirates) and will go solo against such threats despite being leaders in their own respectful positions. They wear bio-engineered armor suits that where created in the far distant future (Mjolnir Mark VI was created in the 26th century while The Turrican Assault Suit was created in the 31st century) that are specifically tasked for planetary reclamation as they also happen to get lucky from one point to another as they find more then what others bargain for (Master Chief finds more weapons on the ground while Bren McGuire finds more power-ups floating in mid-air) then the typical person can find even a dollar on the street.


As Commander Sarah Palmer and her team land on the Dune planet where Master Chief was located, they search the desert for him.

"Anything?" As Commander Sarah Palmer ask her subordinate for the location of Master Chief

"All we found was the beacon." The Spartan IV Subordinate truthfully responds

"No sign of Master Chief?" As Commander Sarah Palmer asks.

"Unfortunately Commander, all I found was a bloody helmet..." He shows Commander Sarah Palmer the frozen helmet as she takes a closer look. She falls into a state of shock, taking a closer look at the helmet dose indeed belong to John-117.

"Hmmm, Captain Thomas Lasky won't be happy once he hears about this..." As Commander Sarah Palmer mentions this, with worry in her eyes.

"But who? Who would kill the legendary 117 Spartan??? He's handled covenant, insurrectionist and even fought the ... wait a minute are we in a different timeline??? My sources tell us that the year date on this planet is the 31st century!" As the Spartan IV Subordinate checks the data info, while falling into a state of shock.

"No, NO! This has to be some mistake!" Commander Sarah Palmer freaks out in disbelief, double-checking the timeline data only to realize it is indeed the year 3025.

"I don't believe it!"

Commander Sarah Palmer, as she punches the ground out of anger, found it hard to believe that she and her team have followed Master Chief into a time warp, realizing they are within the 31st century. Now they needed a way to travel back.

They would resort for anything to help, to hopefully travel back through time to prevent Master Chief from unwittingly traveling 500 years into the future to meet his doom. Before Commander Sarah Palmer decides to determine the next course of action on what to do next, they suddenly get surrounded by the hoards of The Machine...

The Hoards of the Machine make quick work on Commander Sarah Palmer's team, leaving her at their mercy, before they are about to kill her off, they suddenly get destroyed by a man in a silver suit, Commander Sarah Palmer falls into a state of shock, seeing the most advanced suit of armor she has ever seen...

Somehow she realized, this is the man who killed Master Chief, and he may very well be the same man to help them get back into their timeline to prevent the conflict between that man (Bren McGuire) and Master Chief from happening in the first place.


  1. Opposing Combatants will only know about one-another only if such individuals have specific knowledge about said individuals within their own respectful main universes. Universes that contradict the main source material is null & void.
  2. While the match-up doesn't necessarily have to end in death, the match-up between the opposing combatants themselves will last as long as it has to as they'll have intent to fight until a verdict is decided.
  3. Everything else about the combatants such as their equipment, attributes, abilities, stats, power-ups, feats, skills, experiences, resistances, immunities, faults, and even weaknesses are to remain as is, as they will be attempted to be represented faithfully and accurately.
  4. Research sources generally determine the combatants equally from their main canon source materials unless specially mentioned otherwise... If a composite is allowed for one combatant such as non-canon sources (so as long as they don't contradict the source material) and/or otherwise then the same is allowed for the other.