Mike Haggar VS Axel Stone
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 03/10/2018
Written by Ancient One
Directed by Ancient One
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Mike Haggar VS Axel Stone is a written Kombat Fiction fight by Ancient One. It features Mike Haggar from Final Fight and Axal Stone from Streets of Rage. Battle of the Public Servants of Metro City turned Heroic Vigilante Beat 'em up Defenders of Metro City.


One is a Public Servant who served as Mayor of Metro City turned vigilante the moment his daughter was kidnapped by the Mad Gear and became its vigilante defender ever since while the other is a Public Servant who served as a Cop of Metro City turned vigilante the moment The Syndicate attempted to take over the city and became its vigilante defender ever since. Now these two pulbic servants turned vigilante defenders of their respectful cities come to the ring, who will bring the beat 'em up on who?


The Expert: Beat 'em ups, a popular genre of video gaming within the 1980s and 1990s eras respectfully.

The Analysis: Considering the fact it was all about beating up the living crap out of a number of enemies while going solo or co oping with other players.

The Expert: And in the case of this very match-up, where going to bring up two well respected characters from that video gaming genre that are well known for their rivalry.

The Analysis: Mike Haggar, The Mayor of Metro City turned Vigilante of the entire Final Fight franchise.

The Expert: And Axal Stone, The Cop of Metro City turned Vigilante of the entire Streets of Rage franchise.

The Analysis: I'm the Analysis and he's The Expert.

The Expert: And in today's match-up, where going to see who will make it out this awesome beat 'em up match-up!

The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut and open up for Mike Hagger's Intro

Mike Haggar

(Cues: Final Fight (SNES) Music - Prologue Theme)

The Expert: Somewhere in the awesome late 1980s, 1989 specifically.

The Analysis: Metro City has been consumed by crime and corruption.

The Expert: To the very point where it became sooo bad, something had to be done about it.

The Analysis: And that's exactly where it fell into the hands of Mike Haggar, who became the recently elected Mayor of Metro City.

(Cues: Final Fight (Arcade) - Metro City Slums)

The Expert: He's not your typical mayor in the sense of the word. Considering that mayors of their own respectful cities in the United States would rather pass laws, improve the police force to stamp out corruption, but this guy . . . THIS GUY . . . instead of having to do anything a typical mayor would try, he takes manners into his own hands, beat 'em up style!

The Analysis: And by manners into his own hands to the point where he had to resort in becoming a vigilante, we mean that Mike Haggar goes up, beats up the gangs, helps defeat corrupt cops such as Edi. E and Dave, who are in league with Mad Gear and Skull Cross gangs respectfully.

The Expert: Even going as far as wrecking cars and jeeps owned by gangsters to send them the message. All while he's elected Mayor of Metro City!

The Analysis: Considering how much of a badass he is, its safe to say this guy just likes to pile dive gangs, down to the pavement.

The Expert: Like if he was in WWF, considering his history back in Saturday Night Slam Masters, the rather . . . lesser known franchise within the Street Fighter verse, if only that series made a come back.

The Analysis: Even before Saturday Night Slam Masters, Mike Haggar was also a Street Fighter Champion at some undisclosed time period. Something that Capcom needs to bring up on those events if you know what I mean.

The Expert: Considering that its worth bringing up then yes Capcom should do that. But more importantly, Mike Haggar has an arsenal of weapons he can choose should the situation get tough. He can bring forth the steel pipe, his favorite weapon of choice, but he's also not afraid to use other weapons if need to be, such as the knife he can throw at pin-point accuracy, the 2x4 which is solid wood, the Masamune, a sword he can swing just as fast as the steel pipe, and the tonfa, a close-quarters combat he can jab opponents right in the gutter!

The Analysis: As a professional wrestler back in the days of Saturday Night Slam Masters, Mike Haggar can pile dive people right through solid stone, ice and steel as thick as the wrestling ring.

"Shows various screens of various wrestlers getting slammed right through various wrestling rings in Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II - All Super Throws posted by Brawlers Up TV"

(Cues: Final Fight (Arcade) - Subway Park)

The Expert: That's like . . . wow . . . mind blowing!

The Analysis: As Mike Haggar is comparable to wrestlers like Biff Slamkovich and Gunloc as he personally trained them himself, its reasonable to say he's utterly ridiculous by Street Fighter standards. Considering the fact they are capable of slamming people right through steel with the thickness of 60 inches, it requires at over 700,000 PSI.

The Expert: Mike Haggar is also capable of doing the similar thing, as seen in Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2, he can perform his cyclone pile dive where he jumps over 20 feet in the air where in the aftermath, all what is seen is his opponent being up side down.

The Analysis: Its as if his opponent became utterly incapacitate up until round two and the same thing could take place.

The Expert: At least its safe to say that opponent will live just long enough to see the light of day, unless of course its someone who's peak human and that person alone would end up becoming as flat as a pancake!

The Analysis: And whenever crime and corruption overwhelm Metro City, you can count on someone like Mike Haggar to grind every gangster down to the pavement!

Shows a screen from the Final Fight Double Impact Commercial as the announcer mentions "Vote for Mike Haggar and uh, take a bite out of corruption! Paid for by the Mike Haggar for Mayor Committee."

The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut and open up for Axel Stone's Intro

Axel Stone

(Cues: Streets of Rage 2 - Opening Theme)

The Analysis: Somewhere in the 1990s in Metro City.

The Expert: You mean the exact same Metro City in the Street Fighter . . . wait a moment its a different Metro City!

The Analysis: Yes, a very different version of Metro City that resides in the Streets of Rage franchise, as it was mentioned in the Japanese version of Streets of Rage 2.

The Expert: Crime and corruption where also taking a toll upon the said city and we speak about to the point where something had to be done about it.

The Analysis: So it got to the point where three cops decided to put their lives on the line as they resorted to become vigilantes, all in the attempt to take down the Syndicate.

The Expert: Among the group was the leader of of them, and his name is Axel Stone.

"Shows a screen of Axel Stone yelling out BARE KNUCKLE! as he knocks several criminals of the Syndicate several feet away."

(Cues: Streets of Rage 2 - Go Straight)

The Analysis: Even after joining the police force as seen in the Japanese version of Streets of Rage 3, Axel Stone still upholds his vigilante ways.

The Expert: Which is what people would call . . . police brutality! And he dose so much of it, beat 'em up style!

The Analysis: Axel Stone can set his fist ablaze, which is actually enough to send his foes flying through the air.

The Expert: Yep, police brutality at its extremes!

The Analysis: Considering that his weapons of choice also range from a steel pipe, a baseball bat, a grenade, a knife for stabbing and throwing, a kusannagi for slicing people up and even a plank.

The Expert: He can even throw said steel pipe at . . . pin-point accuracy if he wanted to.

The Analysis: The most impressive feat he's ever accomplished was stopping a bulldozer with just his fist in a single punch. Despite this, he never dealt any damage to the bulldozer blade.

The Expert: But instead, he was able to deal damage to very thick lairs of stone walls after hitting it at least nine times, assuming if the thick lair of stone wall was in perfect condition.

The Analysis: All without even wrecking his fist. Which would cause a real life person to scream in pain after all that!

The Expert: But never the less, whenever the Streets of Rage version of Metro City gets hit by crime and corruption, you might as well dial 911 for Axel Stone to bare knuckle them down!

"Shows Axel Stone beating up various gangsters in Streets of Rage 3"

The Doors of Kombat Fiction close to end Axel Stone's intro as they open up to start the match-up

Kombat Fiction

The Analysis: Both combatants have been successfully analyzed.

The Expert: Lets see who survives in this beat 'em up rivalry match-up!

The Analysis: The moment is here for a Kombat Fiction!

(The Doors close and open up which shows the screen for the fight)

Somewhere in the Street Fighter world of Metro City comes the big event of Mike Haggar VS Zangief live on Saturday Night Slam Masters with the crowd cheering as the two are engaged in the last round.

(Cues: Saturday Night Slam Masters - Opening Theme)

"You can't hope to defeat The Red Cyclone Mike Haggar!" as Zangief taunts his opponent while Mike Haggar is ready to fight him as he responds in turn "You still smell like Vodka and the Cold War is done."

It is then Zangief rushes towards his opponent as he performs his Critical Art Bolshoi Russian Suplex on his opponent, slamming Mike Haggar three times but wasn't able to create much of a creator on the ground due to the thick solid steel in the ring. Mike Haggar in turn grabs Zangief at ease and finishes him off with a cyclone pile dive jumping 20 feet as the crowd, including Jessica Haggar, looking at amazement as they watch Zangief get pile dived right through the 60 inch thick steel, with the crowd seeing only the legs of the Red Cyclone wrestler, incapacitating him to the point where he's no longer able to fight despite still being alive.

Jessica Haggar rushes to her father in complete joy yelling out "DADDY!" as he raises his beloved daughter and his right fist out of victory yelling out "Hahaha!" showing the Red Cyclone he still has it.

Moments later, Jessica Haggar, still happy to see her father as she came back from England mentions to Mike Haggar "Daddy, I'm gonna go take a walk." as Mike Haggar replies while signing autographs "You be careful dear. Call me if needed." It is then Jessica Haggar responds by hugging her father before heading out.

(Cues: Streets of Rage 3 - Inga Rasen)

Meanwhile in the Streets of Rage version of Metro City. Doctor Zan discovers a unusual device that the Syndicate was attempting to create only to realize they didn't use it after there defeat, it is then Axel Stone asks him "What is this? Some kind of device The Syndicate didn't use?" As Doctor Zan replies "Exactly what it is, this is the first time I saw it." Blaze then walks in and turns it on as she mentions "I don't know, it looks like some kind of warp thing, what do you make of this?" as Doctor Zan tells her "Some kind of transportation device and" but before he allowed to finish, something unexpected happens, the device violently opens a portal as Axel Stone somehow gets caught, yelling out "OH SHI!" Blaze cuts it close to grabbing his hand to help him only to realize its too late, she then yells out "AXEL!"

(Cues: Final Fight (Arcade) - Ardore Cage Fight)

A moment passes, Axel Stone then wakes up as if he had no idea where he was taken to, he wakes up then sees a lady in red taking a walk until she finds herself surrounded by thugs. "Hey baby, wanna have a good time?" as Jessica Hagger answers "You better stay away or I'll call." as one thug interrupts "The cops? It'll even be awhile before they get here so your coming with us!"

It is then Axel Stone rushes to the aid of Jessica Haggar as he mentions to the thugs stating "Stop right now!" the thug in turn replays "Or what pretty boy? You gonna . . . wait a minute dose he look like that Cody Traver guy?" as the second thug attacks Axel Stone without a thought, he in turn beats up the second thug to submission at ease with the first thug stating "Oh holy crap it IS CODY TRAVERS! I thought he was sitting in Jail!"

The first thug runs off as Axel Stone finds himself outright confused, not even knowing who Cody Traver is, it is then Jessica Haggar called Mike about the situation taking place and turns to Axel Stone stating "Cody Travers??? I thought your sitting in jail!" as Axel Stone replays "Ohh now hold on a sec madam, I don't even know who" but before he's about to finish, Mike Haggar suddenly shows up stating "Now what in the? Cody? How did you even get out?"

Axel Stone then replays to the big muscular wrestling dude stating "Now I have no idea what your talking about, I'm not this Cody Travers you talk about, I'm Axel Stone, a Cop from the Metro City Police Department!" Mike Haggar in turn responds "And NOW your impersonating an officer? Do you even realize that's a." but before he's allowed to finish Axel Stone states "It seems your big mouth and slight temper is pushing things too far, I'm going to have to place you under arrest!"

Mike Haggar readies himself to fight, thinking that Cody Travers is actually impersonating a police officer as he responds "You can't even be a police officer with the criminal record you piled up. If you really want to fight me then so be it!" Axel Stone in turn responds "Then you leave me no choice, prepare yourself!"

(Cues: Final Fight 3 - For Metro City)

Announcer: FIGHT!

Mike Haggar and Axel Stone rush at each other as they start trading punches left and right, Axel Stone then lifts his opponent and slams him onto the ground where Mike Haggar quickly gets back up, as he in turn grabs Axel Stone and performs a normal pile dive shaking the pavement. Axel Stone gets back up thinking "I've seen those moves before . . . " as he compares with opponent with Max Thunder. Mike Haggar in turn thinks "He fights somewhat different unlike Cody for some reason . . . is he?" As Axel Stone rushes towards Mike Haggar and unleashes his Dragon Smash move, punching him repetitively and finishes with an uppercut, causing his opponent to fly into the air and land back on his feet.

Mike Haggar then notices a oil drum and destroys it with just one jab of his fist, he then sees a steel pipe and grabs it as Axel Stone takes notice stating "So with weapons, I'll do the same." as he sees another oil drum, then wrecks it with a jab of his fist and picks up a steel pipe, the two rush at each other as if they find themselves engaged into a pipe duel.

Edi. E takes notice of Mike Haggar fighting against an opponent he believes is Cody Travers, thinking and saying "Hey, is that our mayor fighting Cody Travers for some reason? Why this is going to be quite the show. "As he's sitting their in his police cruiser eating his southern deep-fried chicken and watching them fight from a distance enjoying the fight.

Mike Haggar starts to gain the advantage over his opponent as Axel Stone can't hope to keep up, he then performs a jumping uppercut attack with his steel pipe on Mike Haggar knocking him upwards as he lands on his feet, Mike Haggar then nails his opponent hard enough where Axel Stone gets knocked down losing the steel pipe, he then rushes his opponent by performing his Dragon Wing attack, knocking Mike Haggar down as he also loses his steel pipe in the process.

Axel Stone then comments to his opponent, stating "Your good, but not good enough!" As Mike Haggar braces himself for the upcoming attack that his opponent is about to pull off, suddenly, Mike Haggar grabs Axel Stone and performs his Super Spinning Piledriver by lifting Axel Stone up over his head then throwing him into the air, jumps towards his opponent as he grabs him, diving his head on the stone pavement, then lifting him up and jump spinning him down, causing him to get knocked down on the ground, getting back up as he staggers.

Mike Haggar then starts realizing that this is a total different person compared to Cody Travers, despite this, he realizes the fight must continue as Axel Stone breaks a wooden cargo box as he grabs the Masamune blade, he then throws another to his opponent stating "Not through yet, this has only just begun!" Mike Haggar then picks up the sword as the two start to engage in the most wicked looking sword duel people ever saw, Jessica Haggar drops her jaws as they watch these powerful street fighters keep fighting until one, or the other, gets incapacitated.

As the two keep fighting in the sword duel, Axel Stone still can't keep up with his opponent as Mike Haggar is able to swing his blade faster, even to the point where both opponents end up destroying each others swords in the duel as they shatter in pieces. He then mentions to his opponent "Your moves greatly differ from Cody Traver but you look a lot like him." As Axel Stone replies "But we still have yet to finish. Its either you or me big guy!" as his opponent responds "So be it!"

Axel Stone then charges towards his opponent as Mike Haggar knocks him several feet away with his Double Lariat, Axel Stone in turn rushes again to unleashes his Grand Upper, knocking his opponent several feet away slamming him right into a telephone booth, destroying it outright, the two find themselves embarked in another fist fight destroying oil drums and wooden boxes causing a mess within the area.

Axel Stone then readies his most powerful move imaginable as his opponent braces himself, performing the Grand Hook attack. Mike Haggar feels the power of the attack as if he's in a burning session of sort while being uppercutted to the air and landing on the ground on his back. He then gets back up, realizing its now or never, waiting for Axel Stone to make an opening . . .

Axel Stone then rushes towards Mike Haggar in an attempt to perform another Grand Hook attack only for his opponent to gut him in the stomach. In turn, Mike Haggar performs another Super Spinning Pile Dive, lifting him up and jump spinning him down, causing him to get knocked down on the ground. Not wanting to take another chance, he then performs his Cyclone Pile Dive on Axel Stone jumping over 20 feet into the air, pile diving him right through the stone pavement and incapacitating his opponent, finding himself upside down with only his feet showing.

Mike Haggar then turns to his daughter Jessica, who then hugs him realizing that the worst is over.

Results & Verdict

(Cues: Muscle Bomber/Saturday Night Slam Masters - Mike Haggar Theme)

Announcer: Mike Haggar, Wins, INCAPACITATION!

The Expert: This is police brutality no wait this is political brutality as well! And I wasn't even expecting those two to perform THE MOST AWESOME SWORD DUEL ever seen!

The Analysis: Why this is one intense match-up, both combatants are well known for their destructive capabilities as they are able to one-shot oil drums and even telephone booths in one shot, with just a single punch. It should be pointed out that while Axel Stone could stop a bulldozer with his fists, he didn't have the means to deal damage to the said bulldozer while Mike Haggar on the other hand has been seen pile diving wrestlers right through 60 inches of steel the size of the wrestling ring!

The Expert: When it came to combat speed, Mike Haggar was able to gradually outspeed Axel Stone in both a sword duel and even in a pipe duel.

The Analysis: And while both of them have taken hits to determine there durability that would otherwise kill people, it should be pointed out that while Axel Stone managed to take a hit from a mini train-like cart as well as a steel presser, he wasn't shown to ever get slammed right through steel while Mike Haggar on the other hand has fought opponents who are actually capable of slamming opponents right through 60 inch thick steel plates! Another thing also worth pointing out is that while Axel Stone is capable of wrecking foes with his fist ablaze, Mike Haggar has dealt with foes throughout his wrestling career that are capable of doing similar movesets.

The Expert: When it comes to overall experience on both fighters, Mike Haggar upheld a professional career in wrestling where it involved pile diving people right through stone, ice and even steel, stopped the Mad Gear twice, stopped the Skull Cross for good and was a former Street Fighter Champion.

The Analysis: Unlike Axel Stone who stopped The Syndicate three times, only had police training as well as martial arts, but nothing else beyond that.

The Expert: And lets not forget Mike Haggar has dealt with police corruption at one point to another, both as a Mayor and while defeating the Skull Cross gang.

The Analysis: As both didn't necessarily have intent to kill each other, had Axel Stone actually did managed to incapacitate and arrest Mike Haggar while in the Street Fighter version of Metro City, he will put himself at major risk of being heavily mistaken for Cody Travers to the point where he will get arrested himself for impersonating an officer despite actually being a real police officer back in the Streets of Rage version of Metro City as well as kidnapping the Mayor, which is indeed a felony. Talk about having a really bad day if it came for that in his case as the Metro City version of Streets of Rage belongs in the Sega Universe while the Metro City version of Final Fight belongs in the Capcom Universe.

The Expert: Either way in the case of this match-up, Axel Stone just found himself getting STONED right through the pavement!

The Analysis: Our winner in today's match-up is Mike Haggar.


Mike Haggar

  • +Cyclone Pile Dive can slam people right through even steel plates as thick as 60 inches!
  • +Held a Street Fighter Championship in the past.
  • +Faster combat speed while holding heavy weapons such as the steel pipe and the Masamune.
  • +More durable as he's taken hits from moves similar to what Axel Stone is capable of.
  • +Better fighting experience helped him incapacitate Axel Stone.
  • -Slower walking speed.

Axel Stone

  • +Wider arsenal of weapons.
  • +Faster walking speed
  • +Can throw the steel pipe with pin-point accuracy.
  • -Despite being able to stop a bulldozer with his fist, he wasn't able to deal any damage to even its blade.
  • -Never upheld any known Fighting Championships throughout his entire life.
  • -Lesser fighting experience.

Even Footing

  • Mike Haggar and Axel Stone found themselves on even ground when it came to reaction speeds, this is due to them dealing with foes that are capable of leaving afterimages of themselves.


  • This is the 4th match-up written by Ancient One.
  • This is also the 4th written match-up where a video gaming character is being put up against another video gaming character, the 3rd one being Athur VS Kuros, the 2nd one being Sagat VS Shang Tsung and the first one being Master Chief VS Bren McGuire respectfully.
    • Furthermore, this is also the first video game match-up where it involves two characters who come specifically from a beat 'em up gaming genre.
  • This is the 3rd written match-up where the opposing combatants are competitive rivals as Final Fight had competitive rivalry with Streets of Rage within the 1990s era.
  • This is the 1st match-up where it ends in incapacitation.
  • This is also the 1st match-up where where one of the characters is seen fighting another character during the intro.
    • Furthermore, this is also the first match-up where Mike Haggar wins in both fights, one in the intro as well as the actual match-up between him and Axel Stone.


As Axel Stone lay upside down on the stone pavement, Edi E walks towards him still thinking its Cody Travers who escaped from the Metro City County Jail, with his colt 45 out and handcuffs to make an arrest. As Axel Stone doesn't realize who's walking towards him, he mentions "Blaze, Blaze, is that you? Could you give me a hand here please?" It is then Edi E lowers his guard, realizes the rather different tone of voice unlike Cody Travers.

"You look like him but you don't sound like Cody Travers, your moves are rather different compared to his as well." As he looks closer at his face, suddenly a woman appears in a red one piece suit with beautiful flowing brown hair as she rushes towards the two and mentions "Axel Stone! What happened to you?!?"

It is then Blaze Fielding attempts to help him back on his feet, to his surprise, Edi E finds himself helping Axel Stone as well as he tells his story "Well Blaze, you may find this unbelievable, but, I fought against this one guy who claims to be the Mayor of Metro City and . . . he just piledives me right through the stone pavement! And get this, he mistakes me for this guy named Cody Travers!"

Blaze Fielding then realizes that the Metro City they are in is very different compared to the one they live in as she states "As much as I don't want to break it up to you, when the mysterious portal device malfunctioned, you ended up in what appears to be a very different Metro City compared to the one we currently live in, whoever this Cody Travers is, we may have to find him and prove your innocence to the Mayor of the Metro City here." She then looks at Edi E and ask "Do you know where the Mayor's residence is?" As Edi E, starting to slowly becoming more honest then before, actually decides to lead a hand to the two "I will bring you to him, just be careful, the rest of the police force will mistake Axel for Cody by complete accident."

Axel Stone mentions "Right, the least we can do is find this . . . wait a minute is that him?" As he points out to a man in who looks just like him. It is then Cody Travers looks back at Edi E into a state of shock, what shocked him even more is that he's with a person who looks similar to him and a woman with brown hair as well as the creator created by Mike Haggar.

He states "Wow, and they thought I was at two places at once, turns out there's another look-a-like who claims to be a cop." Edi E then realizes that Cody Travers somehow escaped, but before he was about to think about capturing him, a legion of gangs from The Syndicate back in the Streets of Rage world suddenly appeared, surrounding the group.

"Oh great, now they followed us here!" As Blaze Fielding stands up ready to fight, Axel Stone despite feeling a bit out of it also stands up ready to fight the Syndicate as well. It even gets to the point where both Cody Travers and Edi E decide to put aside their differences and deal with this new threat despite being outnumbered.

The four fight off scores of the Syndicate as former members of Mad Gear decide to join in the fray, just as they realize they are about to be overwhelmed, a familiar grunt is heard with the pounding of a steel pipe on many thugs. "Turns out I was wrong about you Axel Stone, but lets deal with these street goons first!" As Mike Haggar wielding a steel pipe also joins in to fight The Syndicate to the point where even Edi E desires to go vigilante along with the rest of the group.


  1. Opposing Combatants will only know about one-another only if such individuals have specific knowledge about said individuals within their own respectful main universes. Universes that contradict the main source material is null & void.
  2. While the match-up doesn't necessarily have to end in death, the match-up between the opposing combatants themselves will last as long as it has to as they'll have intent to fight until a verdict is decided.
  3. Everything else about the combatants such as their equipment, attributes, abilities, stats, power-ups, feats, skills, experiences, resistances, immunities, faults, and even weaknesses are to remain as is, as they will be attempted to be represented faithfully and accurately.
  4. Research sources generally determine the combatants equally from their main canon source materials unless specially mentioned otherwise... If a composite is allowed for one combatant such as non-canon sources (so as long as they don't contradict the source material) and/or otherwise then the same is allowed for the other.