Fatal Fiction-Pit VS Sora

Pit VS Sora is a What-If? Fatal Fiction. It features Pit from Kid Icarus and Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Like any What-If? Fatal Fiction, it features custom hosts.

Description Edit

Nintendo and Square has many heroes, but these two naive heroes are the most closest in a fight and the Ultimate Battle of Nintendo VS Square! Will Pit defend Nintendo versus Sora protecting Square? Find out in this epic episode of Fatal Fiction, things are about to get heated!

Rules: Edit

  1. Since this is -FATAL Fiction,- all battles must end in death (Usually via fatality.). Immortal characters will merely have their physical avatar destroyed.
  2. The characters will not have any prior knowledge of the other unless it is canonical (For example: Captain America vs. Hawkeye.). This is to avoid using prep time as a factor because there are far too many variables when prep time is allowed.
  3. No outside help is to be granted unless the battle calls for it (For example: Summoners like Rydia would have to be granted outside help.).
  4. The home territory advantage goes to whoever wins the coin flip in real life. No, we don't actually have Mario locked up to hit a block for us to see who's side the coin lands on, he is merely used as a visual representation of the coin flip.


Puas: Nintendo and Square were friends in Super Nintendo's era, cooperate in Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy exclusive. And Nintendo save Square for become bankrupt. But next for Nintendo 64 without CD’s, Final Fantasy VII finally finishes like an exclusive for Play Station.

Over: But you never have a Nintendo 64, lucky.

Puas: Almost I can finish Final Fantasy VII and VIII.

Over: But I played more games that you like Diddy Kong Racing, poor of shit. Puas is punching the door with fury.

Puas: Well next for the fight between both, many fans doing comparatives for many Nintendo’s characters like Link vs. Crono, Ike vs. Cloud and my favorite Pit vs. Sora.

Over: But what the hell have they in common, well both are naïve protagonist, both considering defenders of light, has a mystic weapon, a dark clone that Puas prefer more than the originals and a spiky brown hair.

Puas: Why is necessary say that Dark Pit and Roxas are my favorites?

Over: Continue with the battle this two will fight until the death.

Puas: Pit, the Angel multi weapons hero of Skyworld. And Sora, the Keyblade Master and DisneyXFinal Fantasy Defender.

Over: Who of this two heroes will win?

Pit Edit

Sora Edit

Fatal Fiction Edit

Mario flips a coin.

Puas: Well it looks like this is taking place in the Kingdom Hearts world! But will Sora win even with his home advantage?

Over: Friend, Sora moves Faster than Light and destroy a Planet, Pit is screwed here.

The Battle Edit

Conclusion Edit

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