SCP-682 is an antagonist from the SCP Foundation.

Fanon Wiki ideas so far Edit

Fatal Fiction Info Edit

Background Edit

  • 682nd SCP
  • Alternate Identity: The Hard-to-Destroy-Reptile (How appropriate)
  • Vaguely reptilian creature from another dimension
  • Hates all living things on Earth

Weapons Edit

  • Regeneration
  • Can feed out of anything, organic or not and assimilate it in his body
    • Can grow in size after consuming enough material
  • Can adapt his body with everything he could ever need
    • Can grow wings
    • Can grow tentacles
    • Give of light
    • Turn his skin into a mirror

Feats Edit

  • Survived a fight with SCP-096
  • Survived being cut in half
  • Survived a matter destroying toothbrush
  • Survived the Devil
  • Survived the laws of physics being changed to destroy everything
  • Killed Able in combat
  • Takes constant acid baths and comes out none the prettier
    • Became immune to the above afterward
  • Was once put into a book and was able to kill a monster whose sole attribute is being able to kill SCP-682
  • Can program a computer just by looking at it

Weaknesses Edit

  • Defeated by SCP-524, SCP-173, SCP-2599, and SCP-738
  • Most of SCP-682's adaption are temporary and will wear off after a few weeks
  • Could theoretically be killed by using forms of various attacks in quick succession, thus destroying him before he can adapt