Sagat VS Shang Tsung
Season unknown, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 09/17/2017
Written by Ancient One
Directed by Ancient One
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Sagat VS Shang Tsung is a written Kombat Fiction fight by Ancient One. It features Sagat from Street Fighter and Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat. Battle of the Fighting Genre Once Unbeatable Champions whose Unbeatable Winning Strikes became broken.

Description Edit

One's unbeatable winning strike got shattered by Ryu among being the first & last final boss in Street Fighter while the other's unbeatable winning streak got shattered by Liu Kang among being the first & last final boss in Mortal Kombat. Now these arcade rivals are brought in the Street Fighter's ring to fight against each other in Mortal Kombat, who will win, and who will die?

Interlude Edit

The Expert: They where unbeatable.

The Analysis: Or so they thought to be.

The Expert: They held one impressive winning streak.

The Analysis: Until the day their respectful winning streaks where finally shattered.

The Expert: They served as the first and last final bosses within their own respectful rivalry franchises.

The Analysis: And it will remain that way forever.

The Expert: Because somethings in life... are forever.

The Analysis: Indeed.

The Expert: I'm The Expert.

The Analysis: And I'm The Analysis.

The Expert: On this episode of Kombat Fiction, we are going to put Sagat from Street Fighter up against Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat.

The Analysis: To see who how this whole fight would turn out from beginning to end.

The Expert: Because this match-up is gonna be one awesome Street Fight with both fighters locked into Mortal Kombat!

(The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut and open up for Sagat's Intro)

Sagat Edit

(Cues: Super Street Fighter IV - Sagat's Theme)

The Analysis: Sagat, also known as The Emperor of Muay Thai had reign supreme above all other fighters who dare tested their mantle against him.

The Expert: To simply put, Sagat won in every fight against these individuals, he first won the title since he was just in his teenage years among becoming a national hero in Thailand. He remained undefeated for decades.

The Analysis: Until one day, a young marital artist from Japan who was only 23 years old entered the World Warrior Tournament with the intent to test his skills to become stronger.

The Expert: And it was then this young marital artist fought against Sagat found themselves in a really close fight. Despite this...

The Analysis: This young marital artist as he cuts it close to losing the fight unwittingly tapped into the Satsui No Hado while performing the Metsu Shoruyken on his chest, critically wounding Sagat in the process.

The Expert: For it was that very moment Sagat swore revenge against that individual, his name is Ryu.

"Shows Ryu winning against Sagat in the first Street Fighter arcade game starting at 0:57"

The Analysis: Yes indeed, Street Fighter's poster boy who's face is all over the Street Fighter franchise.

The Expert: Despite this, this match-up isn't about Street Fighter's poster boy, but about his rival Sagat.

The Analysis: Yep, can't go up and put Ryu in this match-up to fight Shang Tsung or otherwise we would be ruining the fun.

The Expert: So we go up and do that just because we felt like it.

"Shows Ryu interfering in the match-up and beating up Shang Tsung and winning out of complete bias as Sagat drops his jaws on the floor"

The Analysis & The Expert: Hahahahahaha yeah right.

The Expert: Anyways, as a fighter who's mastered the ways of the Muay Thai, Sagat has an arsenal of special moves, in most cases when he mentions the word Tiger.

The Analysis: And when he throws his Tiger Cannon, Sagat is able to blow throw a Hadoken.

The Expert: To the very point where it still had enough power to smash Ryu right into a freaken wall! Something that would actually kill someone in real life.

The Analysis: Considering the fact a normal human would be crippled or even dead its safe to say Ryu is far more durable.

The Expert: Sagat is also known to do one-finger push-ups like Bruce Lee, can crush a car with his bare hands in seconds, is able to tank handgun shots at point blank, can even lift a human being like a child lifting a ragdow, can even blow people across a room with his KI, their is a reason to why they crown him the King of Muay Thai.

The Analysis: Despite being the King of Muay Thai, he's not without his downsides, such as losing an eye after fighting Go Hibiki, and losing a match-up to his son in order to avenge his father... Dan Hibiki.

The Expert: You mean he lost to that guy who has the crappy versions of awesome movesets? Dang that's pretty sad if you ask me!

The Analysis: Indeed it's pretty sad, so I'll show everyone on why...

"The Analysis shows a video clip of Sagat losing to Dan Hibiki on Street Fighter Alpha"

The Expert: Your kidding me... YOUR KIDDING ME! The King of Muay Thai loses to this bozo clown Dan Hibiki?

The Analysis: Yes he did, but I will specifically point out that while Sagat's loss to Dan Hibiki is a legitimate one, he actually let his opponent win on purpose... out of pity.

The Expert: Wow, I pity the fool! Even Mr. T would pity Dan Hibiki!

Shows Mr. T going up to Dan Hibiki, yelling out "I pity you fool!" as Dan Hibiki's jaws drop wide open realizing he can't complete against someone who utterly awesome and comes from the awesome 1980s all at once.

The Analysis: Somehow, I could see that happening on some random flash movie.

The Expert: Despite losing to Dan Hibki on purpose and losing his eye, you can't even hope to deny that Sagat is indeed the King of Muay Thai.

Sagat: They call me the King for a reason.

(The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut to end Sagat's intro and open up for Shang Tsung's Intro)

Shang Tsung Edit

(Cues: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: The Church)

The Analysis: Shang Tsung, also known as The Grand Champion of Mortal Kombat held an unbeatable winning streak, a nine in a roll winning streak if you ask us.

The Expert: And he wasn't winning it for Earth Realm either, he was winning it for Outworld in order for Shao Kahn to invade Earth Realm if he won the tenth.

The Analysis: Which he was doing well in until it got to the point where a certain young marital artist from China entered the tenth Mortal Kombat Tournament for Earth Realm who had intent to bring freedom to his native homeworld.

The Expert: And it was then where this certain young martial artist had the deck stacked against him when Shang Tsung attempted to get him overwhelm only for that attempt to end in failure, so he challenged this chosen one himself and lost.

The Analysis: This individual's name is Liu Kang.

"Shows Liu Kang winning against Shang Tsung in the first Mortal Kombat Arcade Game at 13:13"

(Cues: Mortal Kombat 2011 - Shang Tsung's Throne Room)

The Expert: Who unlike Ryu, would people be amazed that Liu Kang didn't become posterboy for Mortal Kombat?

The Analysis: I'm pretty sure Ed Boom had his reasons on why he made Scorpion the posterboy for Mortal Kombat, but this match-up doesn't involve Scorpion.

The Expert: As a sorcerer who bears a divine curse that causes him to rapidly age if he didn't suck souls, Shang Tsung is able to throw a series of skill-like fireballs, who somehow has an unlimited supply of human skulls.

The Analysis: He also has the ability to morph into other fighters after stealing their souls, or at least tapping into them.

The Expert: Which tapping into people's souls would at least restore some degree of his overall health, its like lifetapping back in those Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.

The Analysis: And lets not forget other Role Playing Games that had similar.

The Expert: I miss the old days.

The Analysis: Yep, we both miss the old days.

The Expert: Morphing and flaming skulls aside, Shang Tsung is also able to use hot escape, which allows him to dig into the ground and erupts right at his opponent. And if that's not enough, he can do this.

"Shows Shang Tsung incapacitating Raiden in the events of Mortal Kombat: Deception as seen in 1:35, successfully conjures a giant flaming cobra at 1:50 and incapacitates Raiden at 1:56"

The Expert: Talk about incapacitating a deity.

The Analysis: Save for the fact Shang Tsung had Quan Chi's help in order to accomplish this, but he won't be having help in this match-up for obvious reasons.

The Expert: As this is specifically just a good old fashion One VS One match-up here.

The Analysis: Shang Tsung isn't without his share fair of feats besides incapacitating Raiden, he's also known for blowing up a helicopter with a fireball spell, killed Liu Kang in the original timeline with Quan Chi's help, has a knowledge of genetics where he can create lifeforms. Can shatter a plate of titanium in Test Your Might with enough Ki focus, upheld the title of Grand Champion for nine Mortal Kombat Tournaments and his sorcery is considered to be one of the best, which can only be matched by the likes of Delia, Shinnok, Shao Kahn and yes, Quan Chi.

The Expert: And come his fatalities, he can suck people's souls as one, can transfer himself into someone's freaken ear to the point where they explode, can transform into Kintaro with the intent to split a person in two.

The Analysis: Brutal!

The Expert: Can conjure a bed of spikes where he will throw his opponent on.

"Shows Shang Tsung conjure a bed of spikes and throws his opponent on it, impaling and killing his opponent instantly as they yell out a fatality scream as shown in 0:58"

The Analysis: Pretty freaken vicious even by the standards of Saruman the White!

The Expert: Can turn into a giant cobra snake and eat his opponent whole! Can transform into a scary looking clown and shot his opponent at point blank!

The Analysis: Looks like evil clowns became the thing after this!

"Shows a video of Eternal Champions Sega CD - All Overkills And Sudden Deaths where Jetta gets killed by a giant clown car landing on her from above as shown in 8:12"

The Expert: Which explained why The Joker became utterly creepy in The Dark Knight film. And as for his friendships, he can create rainbows and turn into a character model from the 1982 Joust game! Yes I love those games!

The Analysis: Shang Tsung creating rainbows, now why would he do this despite being a villain? Perhaps Levar Burton personally went up to him and ask him to do that where he became more then willing to comply!

The Expert: Even if Shang Tsung redeemed himself from villain to hero and started showing rainbows just because Levar Burton asked him to, one can't deny that he's just one vicious sorcerer.

Shang Tsung: Your soul is mine!

(The Doors of Kombat Fiction close to end Shang Tsung's intro as they open up to start the match-up)

Kombat Fiction Edit

The Analysis: Both combatants have been successfully analyzed.

The Expert: Lets hope Shang Tsung makes rainbows in this match-up.

The Analysis: The moment is here for a Kombat Fiction!

(The Doors close and open up which shows the screen for the fight)

Shang Tsung somehow manages to defeat all the Earth Realm Warriors as he states "Outworld has victory, we have won!".

Raiden falls into a state of shock stating "Then is it over as Liu Kang has been defeated, isn't their one more left, any hope?"

Shang Tsung then turns to Raiden and states "You alone can't challenge me since doing so violates the rules" suddenly he realizes the other warrior who's managed to defeat Goro "Uhh, how is that possible?" as Shang Tsung has that puzzled look on his face, realizing their is one more Earth Realm Warrior that brings hope in Raiden's face.

"Who could this be? He's not even a member of the White Lotus Society, wait a moment isn't that... it can't be!" Raiden then realized that Sagat is the last Earth Realm Warrior who has recently defeated Goro when Liu Kang somehow failed despite the fact he was suppose to succeed.

Suddenly, out of the blue, Shang Tsung's portal suddenly brings forth another Earth Realm Warrior and a far larger one unlike anything he's ever seen.

(Cues: Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie OST - Ryu VS Sagat)

"I have defeated your four-armed warrior, now I challenge you in Mortal Kombat!" Shang Tsung falls into shock as he sees the unusually large man appear, challenging him to Mortal Kombat.

This was Sagat, the King of the Mury Thai.

"Very well, I will accept your challenge, for this will determine the fate of Earth Realm!" As Shang Tsung appeared in a battle stance, ready to fight.

"I will win, no matter how many new scars I gain along the way!" Sagat puts up his fists, ready to fight.

Announcer: FIGHT!

Sagat then throws a Tiger Shot as Shang Tsung throws a Flaming Skull as both explode upon impact, Shang Tsung then throws two Flaming Skulls as Sagat then counters with a crouch Tiger Shot, striking Shang Tsung on his legs.

"You imbecile!" As Shang Tsung taunts Sagat, Sagat in turn mentions "Do not challenge what you cannot defeat!" as he throws in another lower Tiger Shot, Shang Tsung immediately turns into Liu Kang and attempts to counter it with a Low Dragon Fire.

"You think that'll save you?" As Sagat tells directly at Shang Tsung while in Liu Kang form, as he attempts to do a bicycle kick which Sagat managed to dodge, Shang Tsung then performs a flying kick as Sagat manages to counter with Tiger Uppercut.

Shang Tsung then morphs back into his original form, as Sagat charges in with a Tiger Keen attack, Shang Tsung then uses his Hot Escape to erupt right behind Sagat, who in turn manages to knock him with a Tiger Raid attack.

"Not bad, your a worthy foe!" As Shang Tsung admires Sagat's fighting style, he then transforms into Johnny Cage as he attacks him with the Shadow Kick, right on Sagat's chest, which Sagat manages to easily withstand.

"That really the best you can do?" As Sagat mentions that the Shadow Kick didn't do much, Shang Tsung while in Johnny Cage's form performs a split punch while mentioning "You've been CAGED!".........

A punch is heard from a distance, causing the music to pause.

A few moments pass with the wind blowing...

Sagat manages to even shrug off being hit right in his groin as if he didn't even give a crap yelling out "Yooouuuu cheapskate!" As he lifts Shang Tsung while transformed into Johnny Cage with just one hand and throws him like a ragdoll up against a pillar as the music from the same track starts again.

Shang Tsung gets back up, more pissed off then anything else, transforming back to his normal form, throwing a volley of three flaming skulls at Sagat, only one of them lands right in his face. Getting even more pissed, he then throws up to six flaming skulls as Sagat charges up to throw a charged up Tiger Cannon, posing enough power to bypass the volley of flaming skulls, nailing Shang Tsung at his chest, knocking him throw a wall.

"Your soul is MINE!" Shang Tsung then morphs into Goro in order to even the odds, the two find themselves trapped in a grapple as Shang Tsung while in Goro form lifts Sagat and punches him repetitively with his upper arms. Sagat in turn counters with a Tiger Knee, causing Shang Tsung to be pushed back a few feet.

Shang Tsung then uses his Mysterious Magic, rushing towards Sagat, then disappears in front of Sagat himself, then reappearing by surprise, grappling onto Sagat and tapping into his soul.

Sagat then finds himself in a struggle, as Shang Tsung attempts to take his soul out of desperation, Sagat then manages to overpower Shang Tsung as he only managed to tap into his Soul rather then taking it, getting access and copying his memories onto his.

(Cues: Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold - Sagat VS Ryu)

Rain falls as the clash of thunder is heard...

"I will win for Outworld!" Shang Tsung shouts at Sagat, he then transforms as Sagat falls into shock, now realizing he's looking at a mirror version of himself.

Both Sagat & Shang Tsung while transformed into Sagat lock themselves into a grapple, realizing they are on even ground with neither of them getting the upper hand. Shang Tsung then performs a Tiger Shot which Sagat manages to avoid, Sagat in turn follows in with a Tiger Knee knocking Shang Tsung to the ground, still getting back up even more pissed.

Shang Tsung then attempts to perform a Tiger Genoside while in Sagat form but despite this, he narrowly misses as Sagat follows in with the exact same move, thus knocking Shang Tsung on the floor again. Before Shang Tsung attempts to perform another move, the duration period of his morph wears off, reverting him back.

Even more desperate, Shang Tsung then conjures a giant flaming snake as it manifests itself, the giant snake hisses at Sagat, trying to strike him down only to narrowly miss, causing the floor to get set on fire.

Shang Tsung attempted to throw another volley of flaming skulls at Sagat again, but this time around, Sagat manages to avoid them, then uses his Tiger Shot to deal with the last one.

"Now you realize the power of the King!" Sagat then jump kicks Shang Tsung, then follows in with a Tiger Destruction in order to finish the fight, brutally defeating Shang Tsung, as he can't take anymore......

With Shang Tsung defeated, the souls of the fallen suddenly come out of his body in the exact same style as when the player defeats him in the first Mortal Kombat Arcade Game.

As Raiden watches, he is now pleased that Earth Realm is saved by an unknown Mury Thai fighter.

Results & Verdict Edit

(Cues: Street Fighter II - Sagat's Ending)

Announcer: Sagat, Wins, BRUTALITY!

The Expert: Now people thought that was going to be over sooner.

The Analysis: Both characters where almost undefeated and upheld their respectful titles until it got to the point where they where defeated by Ryu and Liu Kang respectfully. But one thing to keep in mind, while Shang Tsung managed to use intimidation as well as trickery, it should also be pointed out that many of those victories where won by Goro's hands.

The Expert: Sagat on the other hand fought against every single fighter directly like the badass he is and won against every single one of them with the soul exception of Ryu when he tapped into the Satsui no Hado... and of course to Dan Hibiki but only on purpose and out of pity.

The Analysis: And while we've seen Mortal Kombat characters like Liu Kang and Sonya Blade break a steel anvil in the first game with enough focus, it should be pointed out that Shang Tsung at his best was only seen shattering a plate of titanium, which isn't as durable as steel is upon focusing enough Ki as seen in the new Mortal Kombat timeline, due to the fact he hasn't been seen shattering anything as hard as a brick of diamond.

The Expert: Meaning that his hand to hand attacks alone wouldn't be enough to deal any damage to Sagat as he managed to tank powerful attacks head-on that are specifically capable of wrecking thick-laird steel doors, so he had to relay on his magic in order to even the odds.

The Analysis: When it came to Shang Tsung's transformations, they where only meant to delay his inevitable loss as Sagat manages to shrug off even the Goro transformation, due to the fact that Sagat managed to withstand attacks that are specifically designed to break steel doors in just one shot. So it wouldn't make any differences if we brought Shang Tsung to steel level for any reason.

The Expert: One thing that worth pointing out is that while Shang Tsung could actually kill Sagat in one shot with Soul Steel, he only has been seen doing so when his opponent has been incapacitated as part of a fatality.

The Analysis: Even then, Sagat has been proven to be nearly impossible to even incapacitate for the best of fighters he has ever faced as Ryu was only able to nearly kill him by tapping into the Satsui No Hado. But once Shang Tsung tapped into Sagat's soul in order to transform into him, both combatants found themselves surprisingly on even ground.

The Expert: Even ground as is until it got to the point where the morph duration period expired. For it was only a matter of moment before Sagat was finally able to brutalize the vicious sorcerer. Looks like Shang Tsung just got proven who's the King in this fight.

The Analysis: Our Winner in today's match-up is Sagat!

Comparisons Edit

Sagat Edit

  • +Much stronger then Shang Tsung as he can do one-finger push-ups like Bruce Lee can.
  • +Faster then Shang Tsung as he can keep up with Ryu
  • +Can send Shang Tsung flying with even just his Tiger Shot
  • +Can tank attacks that can wreck down steel doors to the point where he never took any damage from such.
  • +Utterly durable enough to withstand even the Split Punch to the point where he just didn't give a crap.
  • +Won against every fighter head on with the soul exception of Ryu.
  • -Couldn't prevent his soul from being at least tapped into.

Shang Tsung Edit

  • +Transformations allowed greater versatility.
  • +Can tap into Sagat's soul to morph into his opponent in order to even the odds... for a duration period.
  • +Mysterious Magic allowed Shang Tsung to appear from behind Sagat.
  • +Hot Escape allowed Shang Tsung the moment to erupt right at Sagat.
  • -Can't deal damage to Sagat with hand to hand attacks as his best is shattering titanium in a single strike.
  • -Needed help to accomplish his victories such as killing Liu Kang with Quan Chi's help.
  • -Many of his wins against very powerful characters where through Goro, such as killing The Great Kung Lao.

Even Footing Edit

  • Sagat & Shang Tsung found themselves on equal footing when the sorcerer was able to transform into his opponent until the duration period for his morph ability ran to zero.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 2nd written match-up by The Ancient One.
  • This is also the 2nd written match-up where a video gaming character is being put up against another video gaming character, with the first one being Master Chief VS Bren McGuire.
    • Despite this, it is in fact the first video gaming on video gaming match-up where both characters come directly from the fighting genre, both coming from Street Fighter (Sagat) & Mortal Kombat (Shang Tsung) respectfully.
  • This is the first written match-up where it didn't involve death, only a brutality.
  • This is also the first match-up where an anti-hero is being put up against a villain.
    • Furthermore, it is also the first match-up where a character who's of good alignment is being put up against a character who's of evil alignment.
  • This is also the first match-up where the Divine Curse spell was mentioned, which is a 6th level divine (priest) spell in Dungeons & Dragons Ravenloft Campaign Setting for 2nd Edition, it serves as a powerful divine spell that allows the priest to bestow a powerful curse on an individual who has commuted a great and terrible wrong in the eyes of the priest oneself, even if the bearer is wrongfully convicted.
  • In addition, this is also the first written match-up where both characters who come from different franchises that have a competitive rivalry as it started in the arcades back within the early 1990s era.
  • Furthermore, this is also the first match-up where two real life people were mentioned, in this case being Mr T who is known for his comment "I pity the fool!" in the case of Dan Hibiki because well . . . he is a fool who deserves our pity. The second case being Bruce Lee as him and Sagat are both capable of doing one-finger push-ups.
  • When Sagat called Shang Tsung a cheapskate was the moment he realized that Shang Tsung didn't promote good sportsmanship.
  • When The Analysis mentioned about Shang Tsung creating rainbows to the point where Levar Burton told him so is a reference from where they bring about The Mortal Kombat Fatality Extravaganza, even going as far as stating that Shang Tsung is just as vicious beyond the standards of an really evil wizard.
  • The connections between Sagat & Shang Tsung is that both characters are the grand champions in addition to being the respectful hosts of the very tournaments they compete in. While Sagat loses half his sight, Shang Tsung on the other hand takes the sight from Kenchi (opposite connections). And while both characters upheld a winning streak that was unbeatable only to be shattered by two monk warriors (Ryu & Liu Kang) to the point where they swore revenge in an attempt to have a rematch. They will attempt to win for their own reasons (Sagat to prove that he's the strongest while Shang Tsung to allow Outworld to invade Earth Realm). They are powerful and utterly opposing in their own respectful rights (Sagat being physically opposing while Shang Tsung being magically opposing) as they roam around for their own reasons as well (Sagat roams the world in order to find Ryu to have a rematch while Shang Tsung roams the realms without the risk of being detected by even powerful deities). Both characters are also based off two other individuals who existed at some point before they came to being (Sagat being based of the real life Muay Thai Fighter named Sagat Petchyindee despite Capcom not officially confirming this while Shang Tsung being based off David Lo-Pan from the 1986 film Big Trouble in Little China).

Epilogue Edit

Shang Tsung returned to Outworld, all brutalized and defeated...

While the prophecy foretold that Liu Kang was suppose to be the victor turned out that Sagat took his place.

"I have waited five hundred years to invade Earth Realm, and now I have to wait another five hundred!" As Shao Kahn gets pissed over the fact that Shang Tsung lost the match-up to this King of Mury Thai.

"But my Lord, even with Liu Kang defeated, I still lost to this Sagat person!" As Shang Tsung remains grappled by Reptile and Baraka.

"Enough! I will have you executed as of now!" As Shao Kahn allows Shang Tsung to die.

"But what if the rules where changed? What if we teamed up with his enemies???" Shang Tsung pleads to Shao Kahn to team up with M. Bison, the leader of Shadaloo in order to bring about a rematch.

A moment passes as Shao Kahn stops the execution "Kontinue..."

As Shang Tsung proposes his plan, M. Bison appears and agrees to form this alliance with the intent to plan to take over Earth Realm.

Rules Edit

  1. Opposing Combatants will only know about one-another only if such individuals have specific knowledge about said individuals within their own respectful main universes. Universes that contradict the main source material is null & void.
  2. While the match-up doesn't necessarily have to end in death, the match-up between the opposing combatants themselves will last as long as it has to as they'll have intent to fight until a verdict is decided.
  3. Everything else about the combatants such as their equipment, attributes, abilities, stats, power-ups (if any), feats, resistances, immunities, and even weaknesses are to remain as is, as they will be attempted to be represented faithfully and accurately.
  4. Research sources generally determine the combatants equally from their main canon source materials unless specially mentioned otherwise... If a composite is allowed for one combatant such as non-canon sources (so as long as they don't contradict the source material) and/or otherwise then the same is allowed for the other.