Interlude Edit

des : psychokinesis , the power which allows you to move through the power of your mind alone.

Death : Like twilight sparkle the student of princess celestia

des: and silver the time-traveler hedgehog

death : he's des and I'm death

des : and it's our job to analyze their weapons , armors and skills to find out who will win a death battle!

Silver the Hedgehog Edit

Death: A few hundred years in the future the Sonic the Hedgehog world, the place has been

destroyed All by a monster called Iblis, and there isn't many survivors.

Des: But one of them had special powers, and went back in time to fix his future, and succeeded...his name, was Silver the Hedgehog.

Death: At 3'3 feet tall and 77Ibs, Silver is a hedgehog (Rather obvious) that strangely always calls everyone the ''Iblis Trigger'' just to start a fight, and is a psychokonetic. Also, that style...what was he thinking?

Des: His main weapon is, you guessed it, psychokinesis'', as it is called in-game. This can be used to pick up anything from a tiny pebble to a massive building. His powers also allow him to immobilize opponents and be used as energy blasts and balls. Also teleportation, for some reason.

Death: Silver can also use his powers to crush objects to take on other forms. Like a giant fist and he can crush robots with a single grab.

Death : when throwing objects with his psychokinesis , silver can throw them with enough force and speed to crush metal , fly tremendous distances , and even stun enormous monsters such as iblis

des : and when silver get's all of the chaos emeralds , he turns into his most powerful form

Death : SUPER SILVER!!!!!!!!

des : Really!!! silver's that strong!

Death : however silver can be naive which is his greatest weakness , and the super form can last for a


des : even then , silver is a very strong , powerful, and a skilled fighter

twilight sparkle Edit

des : anyway twilight sparkle is the personal student of princess celestia herself , one of the rulers of equestrian

death : because of this , her magic skills are off the charts

des : much like Harry Potter , twilight sparkle has multiple spells at her disposal.

death : like telekinesis , which allows levitation of objects. yes we know you know, but we're obligated to go through everything . She can also teleport short distances.

des : she can also blast lazers from her horn , which are appearently strong enough to break crystal.

also she can fly

death : wait what

des : after proven of worth by celestia , twilight was given some wings, becoming an alicorn and enabling her to fly , she's still trying to get used to it . She can apparently go fast enough to perform a sonic rain boom

death : hasbro really wants us to like twilight

des : well its because she's smart , strategic and a great leader

death : alright the combatants are set , let's end this debate once and for all its time for a death battle

it was a nice day and twilight was walking , just in front of her there was white hedgehog

she asked : who are you

he answered : I'm silver the hedgehog , I came here to look for the iblis trigger

twilight said : There's no pony here that has a name of the iblis trigger and who is this anyway!?!?

silver said : Well you see my world is destroyed and I am trying to find who did it

she said : I don't believe you and are u an alien?

silver answered back : Are u insane of course I'm not an alien and are u an alien?

twilight in rage said : I'm a ruler how dare you , i will teach you a lesson for telling that I am an alien

silver said : wait ! why are u trying to destroy me?

*all ponies look at silver and gasp , everyone starts running and shouting an alien going to destroy us*

twilight said : so you are an alien , how dare u lie to me and u are trying to destroy equestria

silver said : No wait ! I -

*Twilight sparkle hurles a lazer blast at silver* *silver dodges it*

silver said : one last time , I'm not destroying equestria I'm looking for the one who destroyed my world

Twilight : shut up you white colored idiot

silver said : What ! Fine if this how you want to play it then I'm ready you purple crazy looking unicorn

thingy or whatever , the important thing is I'm ready to fight

fight ! Edit

Both ran at each other , silver threw a table at twilight's face and got badly injured , twilight coughed

out blood however she was ready for the next move that silver had to made , silver threw a psychic

energy based attack , however this time twilight protected herself by a shield using her magic after that

she hurled a laser blast at silver which threw silver into a 6 story house of a pony who was her friend

silver was'nt happy since he got injured , silver picked up twilight from the ground and smashed her in

a 8 story house , twilight used an extremely strong beam of magic to hit silver with it , but silver used

his psychic shield to protect him from the beam , silver was extremely low on his psychokinesis as his

most powerful ability can be quickly drained , silver had to overuse his ability to survive and hurled

another attack at twilight which she couldn't dodge and fainted , while she had fainted , silver was

extremely fatigued of battling , his power was too low create any attack or defense , twilight woke up

and ran at silver and pierced her horn into silver's heart and BOOM , twilight's attack sent silver flying

into a 12 story building , Silver barely survived the attack and used his last attack to destroy twilight

But twilight protected herself by a shield , twilight ran at silver however he punched her in the face

Silver then threw an energy blast , which vapourised twilight


des : looks like silver won this battle

Death : Twilight may have the edge in smartness however silver was more stronger , faster , more durable and skilled

des : The winner is SILVER THE HEDGEHOG

Silver the hedgehog:

+ Stronger

+ more durable

+ more faster

+ more skilled

- naive and less experience

Twilight sparkle:

+ More smarter and tactical

+ more experienced

- weaker

- slower

- less durable