Sonic The Hedgehog VS Mega Man
  • Ganime
  • ImagoDesattrolante
Season N/A, Episode 1
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Air date N/A
Written by Ganime
Directed by Ganime
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N/A Spider-Man VS Juri Han

Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man is a What-If Episode of Fatal Fiction by Ganime.

Description Edit

The Blue Blur VS The Blue Bomber, which blue hero of the future will win in this battle of 90's Heroes

Interlude Edit

Robert: Video Games have produced several heroes through the most unlikely of scenarios over several decades.

Rei: These two being no different, going through traps, loops, two comic crossovers and more. Sonic the Hedgehog, the Blue Speed Demon of Mobius.

Robert: Mega Man: the Metal Blue defender of humans and robots.

Rei: For the sake of consistency only their appearances in games will be considered when taking info, meaning no Archie Comics, Ruby Spears Cartoons, Sonic 2 Manga, or anything of the sorts.

Robert: I do the research, she does... what do you do again?

Rei: We're here to analyze their abilities, feats, and stats to find the truly superior hero.

Robert: ... this is Fatal Fiction.

Sonic the Hedgehog Edit

Rei: Picture a beautiful archipelago, with the nicest of creatures and a serene and peaceful lifestyle. It would seem like a great time, right?

Robert: Not for Sonic the Hedgehog, he found the islands boring exept for one specific one: South Island. One day all of its inhabitants went missing and replaced with robots. The Hedgehog destroyed them all and found the culprit: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, or just by his nickname, the Eggman. This one encounter would reshape the world in some ways for the better and some for the worst.

Rei: But Sonic didn't defeat his adversary with traditional fighting, he used spinning, alongside many other abilities that will be featured when the full script is written.

Mega Man Edit

Robert: 199X: two scientists: Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily graduated from RIT, with the goal to advance the world with their knowledge. By the next decade 12 were created, 8 to advance civilization, 2 to help with common work, and 1 going rogue.

Rei: The robots were widely praised by the public, however Wily became jealous of Light's Beard, ability to create robots and popularity. Like any mad scentist, Wily went AWOL and stole 8 out of the twelve robots for world domination, only the two house workers were left with Light. Rock, one of the helper robots volunteered to help take down Wily and retrieve the Robot Masters, he was heavily modified to be able to transform into the Super Fighting Robot, Mega Man.

Robert: As a combat robot Mega man was gifted with many abilities that will be elaborated on as soon as the script is finished.


Pre-Fight Edit


K.O! Edit

Results Edit

Next Time... Edit

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