Sonic The Hedgehog VS Mega Man
  • Ganime
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Written by Ganime
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Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man is a What-If Episode of Fatal Fiction by Ganime.

Description Edit

The Blue Blur VS The Blue Bomber, which blue hero of the future will win in this battle of 90's Heroes

Interlude Edit

(Cue: Magicmusic & Virix Collab - Cosmic Bubbles)

Robert: Video Games have produced several heroes through the most unlikely of scenarios over several decades.

Rei: These two being no different, going through traps, loops, two comic crossovers and more. Sonic the Hedgehog, the Blue Speed Demon of Mobius.

Robert: Mega Man: the Metal Blue defender of humans and robots.

Rei: For the sake of consistency only their appearances in games will be considered when taking info, meaning no Archie Comics, Ruby Spears Cartoons, Sonic 2 Manga, or anything of the sorts.

Robert: I do the research, she does... what do you do again?

Rei: We're here to analyze their abilities, feats, and stats to find the truly superior hero.

Robert: ... this is Fatal Fiction.

Sonic the Hedgehog Edit

(Cue: Sonic Free Riders - Free)

Rei: Picture a beautiful archipelago, with the nicest of creatures and a serene and peaceful lifestyle. It would seem like a great time, right?

Robert: Not for Sonic the Hedgehog, he found the islands boring exept for one specific one: South Island. One day all of its inhabitants went missing and replaced with robots. The Hedgehog destroyed them all and found the culprit: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, or just by his nickname, the Eggman. This one encounter would reshape the world in some ways for the better and some for the worst.

(Cue: Sonic: After the Sequel - Combat Night)

Rei: Sonic, like a real life hedgehog curls into a ball all the time. However, unlike most hedgehogs, he incorporates it for both  defensive and offensive maneuvers, like the Spin Dash, Homing Attack, and Insta-Shield.

Robert: Sonic has also associated himself with attacks relating to the wind due to his speedy nature like the Blue Tornado, Sonic Wind, and Sonic Wave. There's also the time related attacks like Time Stop and Time Break; and even some arbitrairy moves like the Magic Hands that turns enemies into toys and the Sonic Heal which heals Sonic... by vibrating his molecules I could not make this shit up.

Rei: Sonic's last main move, the Sonic Boost,essentially turns Sonic into a living bullet train, incapable of being stopped by almost anything; and Lastly, there's Sonic's trump card, the Chaos Emeralds.

Tikal: "The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power, power is enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos."

(Cue: Sonic Unleashed - Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia)

Robert: These seven mystical jewels all grant the user the use of Chaos Energy,, which can be used to perform Chaos Control, move that can warp the user, others, and can even stop time. When all Seven are in use, Sonic can transform into Super Sonic, a form that makes him practically invulnerable, flight, and a massive boost in speed and power.

Rei: He also gains a plethora of new moves like the Super Sonic Energy Blast and Deflect, a move that can block and redirect projectile attacks. Most notably is the Positive Aura that Super Sonic gives off, which can neutralize negative Chaos Energy and negative thoughts in general.

Robert: Sonic isn't without his faults, for example there's water. Sonic falls like a rock in large aquatic environments which has given him a severe case of aquaphobia, he also acts impulsively which has gotten him into trouble more times that it has brought him out of trouble. Super Sonic also faces an issue, the amount of time he has. Times have varied to just under a minute to several days, with the period of time shortening depending on how much Ring Energy is used.

Rei: Let's not disrespect the rodent-

Robert: That's an insult in itself.

Rei: He has plenty of unreal feats, like when he toppled to 250 ton Egg Golem, ran an unknown amount of time to travel from one universe to another, resisted mind control that affected the rest of his friends, and has matched several cataclysmic characters such as Ultimate Emerl, Perfect Chaos, and Imperator Ix. It becomes even crazier with Super Sonic when he combated Solaris, flew past asteroids in seconds, and has even gone against people who can nullify the power of the Chaos Emeralds.

(Cue: Sonic Mania - Friends)

Robert: Whether he's being hyperactive, righteous, or the ultimate paragon-renegade pack Sonic will be the one to save the day, after all he is the fastest thing alive.

Shadow: So there's more to you than just looking like me. What are you anyway?
Sonic: What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure! I'm Sonic the Hedgehog!

Mega Man Edit

(Cue: Mega Man 8 - Title Theme)

Robert: 199X: two scientists: Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily graduated from RIT, with the goal to advance the world with their knowledge. By the next decade 12 were created, 8 to advance civilization, 2 to help with common work, and 1 going rogue.

Rei: The robots were widely praised by the public, however Wily became jealous of Light's Beard, ability to create robots and popularity. Like any mad scentist, Wily went AWOL and stole 8 out of the twelve robots for world domination, only the two house workers were left with Light. Rock, one of the helper robots volunteered to help take down Wily and retrieve the Robot Masters, he was heavily modified to be able to transform into the Super Fighting Robot, Mega Man.

(Cue: Mega Man 8 - Stage Select)

Robert: As a combat robot Mega Man was gifted with many abilities such as his Mega Buster: an arm cannon that fires compressed energy and can be charged up for even more powerful blasts or use both arms for the Double Mega Buster, an attack that can easily one-shot his opponent while running the risk of completely powering down.

Rei: There's also the Variable Weapon System, which allows him to copy the abilities of opponents either by defeating them or by copying the data of their chips. This has given Mega Man over 80 weapons to his arsenal, varying from the elements such as fire, ice, and electricity, shields made of diamonds, skulls and more, an unknown amount of blades and explosives and even weapons using spatial anomalies such as Black Hole, Black Hole Bomb, and Astro Crusher.

Robert: We can't forget about Rush, Mega Man's robot companion that can transform into vehicles for sky, space, underground, and road travel. Not to mention that the two can fuse to create Super Mega Man, allowing Mega Man flight and an enhanced version of the Mega Fist that homes in on enemies as well as being overall stronger.

(Cue: Mega Man Unlimited - An Unbreakable Will)

Rei: The Super Fighting does have his fair share of weaknesses like the fact that outside of his Mega Buster, all of his weapons have a limited amount of uses; he's also solar powered meaning that long periods without exposure to sunlight would weaken him to an unknown degree. Lava and spikes also seem to be a notable trouble for him although he has shown to be able to easily survive spikes of certain varieties but not of others, the true reason for this being unknown.

Robert: Not like those matter as those weaknesses are pretty situational, plus his accomplishments clearly outweigh those faults. Like when he lifted Wily Castle V, kept up with the likes of Duo and Quick Man, could walk around normally on Jupiter, and held his own against the likes of the Stardroids, and endured heat's that surpass that of the Sun's and freezing temperatures that rival that of Absolute Zero and defeated his future self twice.

Rei: How you can defeat yourself is beyond me but that may show how capable Doctor Light's and Wily's second creation truly is.

Mega Man: Hey Dr. Wily!
Dr. Wily: So, Mega Man, you've finally reached the last stage.
Mega Man: That's right, and you're finally gonna lose this time, Wily.


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NOTE: BOLD text means that the one character is superior in the specific area, Italics imply that the two are equal in that area. Normal text means that the info has not been revealed yet.

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