J stewie griffin is a genius for his age of 1 and can really do some damage seeing how he beat his soon to be brother Bertram in short range combat stewie has a lot of weapons from a crossbow and ray gun to mind control devices and time machine return pads with his weapons he has held his own against Brian who with one shot killed the super devil which is better in every stat in comparison to the regular devil stewie is smarter than everyone else in the context of family guy and once recreated the entire universe Tails is a two tailed genius who has done a lot in the context of sonic the hedgehog tails isn't that experienced in combat Stewie uses time machine return pad to go to fight tails fight tails shoots at stewie stewie then hops into his mech tails then goes into his mech stewie' mech poops out a bomb which goes toward tails who blows up Ko But at the end looks like tails bombed his one chance to win the winner is stewie

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