Sub-Zero VS Kula Diamond
Season unknown, Episode unknown
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Air date Unknown
Written by ThatOneNoob2
Directed by ThatOneNoob2
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Sub-Zero VS Kula Diamond is a What-If Episode? (despite the show being canceled) of Fatal Fiction by ThatOneNoob2. It features Sub-Zero (the 2nd Sub-Zero also known as Kuai Liang) from Mortal Kombat and Kula Diamond from King of Fighters. Battle of the Cold & Distant yet Angry Ice Assassins.

Description Edit

One lost a brother in his first Mortal Kombat Tournament, the other lost a sister in her first King of Fighters Tournament, now they come together in the ring to see whose freezing power can freeze all.

Interlude Edit

Protodude: Sometimes, Bad stuff can happen in a tournament, whether it's sabotage, getting hurt, or losing a close someone.

Gamewolf: Kuai Liang, the Second Sub-Zero!

ProtoDude: and Kula Diamond, The Icy Assassin from King of Fighters. He's GameWolf, and I'm Protodude, and its our job to analyze the pros and cons of these fighters.

Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang) Edit

Kula Diamond Edit

Fatal Fiction Edit

Results Edit

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