The Emperor Protects.
~ Lectitio Divinitatus
The God Emperor of Mankind is a character from the Warhammer 40000 tabletop game series.

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History Edit

Information Edit

Background Edit

  • Age: 48,000 years old
  • Height: 10'
  • Weight: N/A
  • Occupation: The God Emperor of Mankind

Equipment Edit

  • Astronomican: Gives The God Emperor of Mankind 50 lightyears worth of range and vision with psyker abilities
  • The Terminator Armor: Can turn any human being into a walking tank and also capable of tanking attacks that would be able to bust moons.
  • Bolter: Can shoot shells that can tear a single human being apart, fully automatic and the shells explode upon impact.
  • Flame Sword: This weapon is at least the size of The God Emperor of Mankind's torso if not more, will constantly generate flame and more powerful than the normal 40k blades by a large margin.

Abilities Edit

  • Energy Attacks: These attacks are best described as being far more powerful then a Supernova as he can also focus such attacks from thin lasers to wide beams.
  • Energy Shields: This allows The God Emperor or Mankind to take a lot of punishment.
  • Golden Light: This light can blind anyone if able and can drive even the likes of Horus to his knees in awe.
  • Insanity: Anyone looking at The God Emperor of Mankind's face for whatever reason can utterly drive even a mentally-fortified Space Marine into complete insanity. Furthermore, this allows him to be unaffected by the Chaos Deities, last but not least, he stares into the Warp regularly.
  • Lay on Hands: The God Emperor of Mankind can use this ability to restore people and even machines with just a simple touch of his hands.
  • Precognition/Clairvoyance: This helped The God Emperor of Mankind to see certain events before they actually happened, which allowed him to become a genius tactician.
  • Power Granting: The God Emperor of Mankind can grant powers to even a single individual, such as immortality.
  • Soul Sucking: This allows The God Emperor of Mankind to drain a soul from a single body.
  • Technopathy: The God Emperor of Mankind can use this ability to manipulate and control all forms of technology. Furthermore, it also allows him complete control over his Terminator Armor.
  • Time Manipulation: The God Emperor of Mankind has the power to slow time and even make it come to a complete stop. Furthermore, Time itself moves at the extreme speeds to The God Emperor of Mankind's eyes.

Feats Edit

Strength Edit

  • Can punch a planet larger than earth into fragments
  • Could shake a moon-sized adamantium ship while exchanging blows with Horus
  • Tossed the extremely powerful Void Dragon from Earth to Mars

Speed Edit

  • Kept up with the universe-traveling void dragon
  • Faster than the hypersonic Primarchs

Durability Edit

  • Easily exchanged blows with the Void Dragon
  • The Terminator Armor makes him insanely durable

Skill Edit

  • Absolutely wrecked TITANS
  • Battled the dark Horus
  • Commands all the forces of the Imperium
  • Created the Primarchs, which share his powers
  • Defeated the most powerful threat in the Milky Way, the Void Serpent
  • As a Warp Entity, The God Emperor of Mankind is capable of defeating 9-dimensional entities.
  • The God Emperor of Mankind is capable of taking on hundreds of Orks without any trouble.
  • The God Emperor of Mankind fought a huge Ork, almost losing, then cutting it in half and ultra-killing every one of those Primarch sized Orks in that huge chamber.

Weaknesses Edit

  • The God Emperor of Mankind will find himself in a struggle should he be ever allowed to fight any of his sons.
  • The God Emperor of Mankind is currently bound to a chair and little more than a husk of the man he used to be: This form is rarely, if ever, used in versus debates.

Trivia Edit

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