Thor VS Wonder Woman
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date Unknown
Written by Ancient-One-And-Only
Directed by Ancient-One-And-Only
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Thor (Marvel Comics) VS Wonder Woman is a written Kombat Fiction fight by Ancient-One-And-Only. It features Thor from Marvel Comics and Wonder Woman from DC Comics.

Description Edit

One is the Crown Prince of Asgard who is the blood son of Lord Odin while the other is the Crown Princess of Themyscira who is the possible blood daughter of Lord Zeus. These two have a Legendary Rivalry since the 1950s, now they come to the ring to settle the score.

Interlude Edit

The Expert: Rivalry franchises that have been going on since the days Marvel Comics started copying stuff from DC Comics.

The Analysis: In other words, ripoff characters being based off original characters, we've seen it before and we keep seeing it again.

The Expert: And in this case, this match-up will involve a legendary rivalry that started since the 1950s, and still reigns to this day.

The Analysis: To the very point where we just have to put these two together in a fight to settle the rivalry once and for all.

The Expert: Thor, The Crown Prince of Asguard.

The Analysis: Wonder Woman, The Crown Princess of Themyscira.

The Expert: I'm The Expert.

The Analysis: And I'm The Analysis.

The Expert: And in this match-up in Kombat Fiction, we are going to put these legendary rivals in comic book history to see how this match-up would turn out from beginning to end.

(The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut and open up for the intro of Thor from Marvel Comics)

Thor (Marvel Comics) Edit

(The Doors of Kombat Fiction quickly slam shut to end the intro of Thor from Marvel Comics and open up for Wonder Woman's Intro)

Wonder Woman Edit

(The Doors of Kombat Fiction close to end Wonder Woman's intro as they open up to start the match-up)

Kombat Fiction Edit

Results & Verdict Edit

Comparisons Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 5th written match-up done by The Ancient-One-And-Only
  • This is the first comic book match-up written by The Ancient-One-And-Only
  • This is also the first match-up to commemorate for the Wonder Woman movie which is already released this year and for Thor: Ragnarok, which will be released on November of 2017 respectfully.
  • This is also the first written match-up where a character based on Greek Mythology is being put up against a character from Norse Mythology.

Epilogue Edit

Rules Edit

  1. Opposing Combatants will only know about one-another only if such individuals have specific knowledge about said individuals within their own respectful main universes. Universes that contradict the main source material is null & void.
  2. While the match-up doesn't necessarily have to end in death, the match-up between the opposing combatants themselves will last as long as it has to as they'll have intent to fight until a verdict is decided.
  3. Everything else about the combatants such as their equipment, attributes, abilities, stats, power-ups (if any), feats, resistances, immunities, and even weaknesses are to remain as is, as they will be attempted to be represented faithfully and accurately.
  4. Research sources generally determine the combatants equally from their main canon source materials unless specially mentioned otherwise... If a composite is allowed for one combatant such as non-canon sources (so as long as they don't contradict the source material) and/or otherwise then the same is allowed for the other.