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  • Ganime

    Templates 4 U

    May 1, 2016 by Ganime

    Here's some Fatal Fiction Templates (even though the series is basicaly dead and will soon be replaced by KaijuD's Power Crunch.

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  • Ganime

    This is the Fatal Fiction Fanon Wikia Hall of Records. If you already know the DBF's Rules they are mostly the same, but if you dont know then:


    1. Must be a completed What-If? Fatal Fiction or a real one to make this list.
    2. If you piss me off, I will remove your battle from this list.
    3. A character must be in 2 or more battles to be on this list.
    4. If the character does not have their own pic (NOT a VS. image) then that character will not get thier own entry in the Hall of Records.
    5. If I don't consider the battle good enough, or the outcome believable, it's not getting on here
    6. Battles done out of spite towards a user or a character won't be accepted, at all.
    7. Battles written by contributors will no longer be accepted, no matter how good the fig…
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